With Ashy Wings Thou Shall Fly

Memories wither to dust
like paintings set on fire
burnt by passionate desire
Time erased by simple lust

Black smoke engulfs my eyes
thirsty from crying in pain
My body shivers and sighs
letting only the rage remain

Burning my grey spirit to ashes
Eyes in which insanity flashes
with the only color left
The red of a love bereft

Let him who has understanding
be shown the way of mending
a sickness derivated from live
a sickness for man to survive

For I did stride the threshold
searching for love to unfold
For I did glide into the mystery
of pain suffered in history

If I was to teach all of you now
If I was able to escape somehow
Unwise it would be to utter a word
Unlucky for me trying to catch a bird

Of the eternal, the entirely absurd
within a cage of impure mortal thought
Shaped by a mind faded and blurred
No, from my ashes you shall be taught