Worth Nothing To You

You made me who I am,
You treated me like dirt,
I did nothing wrong,
Yet you always made me hurt.

You told me I'm not worth it,
You always put me down,
You told me that you hated me,
You didn't want me 'round.

You made me feel so scared,
You made me cry with fear,
It was all your fucking fault,
That I ran away from here.

Bitch is what you called me,
Along with slut and whore,
If I had never met you,
I would feel I was worth more.

If I saw you now I'd kill you,
I would cut your goddamn throat,
Then you couldn't damage me,
You couldn't sneer or gloat.

I wish that I could tell you,
Just how you've ruined my life,
It was your face I saw,
Every time I grabbed that knife.

In my thoughts, you smiled,
As you watched me cut my wrist,
I'm so glad that you have gone now-
You surely won't be missed.