A/N: This is a poem about my grandma who died when I was in fourth grade.
This is the first poem I've ever written about it, but I plan on writing
more. these one line I don't like. 'Every time to your house I would come'
but I need it to rhyme and be nine syllables.. Any suggestions?? please


I remember the coat you always wore
The smell of your hairspray
And how we used to play
You were the queen and I was the princess

How you did the crossword puzzles
And always helped me with the word search
How we watched the birds from their perch
And sweetly hummed along with them

You bought me ice cream in the winter
Always had the best bubble gum
Everyday to your house I would come
We always had an incredible time

I remember when I found out you were ill
And going to die
All I did was cry
All I could think was how it wasn't fair

I remember spending every day and night
Doing homework in your hospital room
To this very day I can smell the doom
Lurking, waiting to take you away from me

When you got better
And left that place
We made you space
To live in our house

But you were barely home
Before you fell
I couldn't tell
If you were dead or not

I was told later it was only a coma
But in that comma you lied
Until the day that you died