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I used to think that life was a journey.  A time of change, and that one's destiny had been chosen for them.  I knew my purpose- be born, kill some time here, and then pass on into the next life.

I had heard the story a million times.  How of my parents met and fell in love.  Hell, I had even heard about my Mom's ex, Ronnie and what went on with her.  I never thought I'd be able to find that for myself.  In fact, I didn't even care. 

I also knew what my Mom had dreamed about- myself taking over the gang.  I wanted to be my own boss- a free spirit.  And I knew that I wouldn't let anyone hold me back from my dreams.  I didn't even care about finding love.

And then, I hit seventeen…


Willow Greene-Montress gave a smirk as she hopped onto her metallic red and gold skateboard.  She gave it a good kick as she felt it start off slowly- then a little bit faster.  She knew these roads like the back of her hand. 

She felt herself as the wind blew through her long, emerald green hair.  The sunlight cast its rays upon it- causing her pearl-blue highlights to come alive.  Her silver eyes narrowed down onto the hill before her as she braced herself.  She had done this many times. 

She balanced herself out evenly with the sidewalk as she felt herself speed up even more- closing her eyes a bit as she took in the fresh, springtime air that swirled around her.  Luckily she lived in a small town- so she didn't have to worry about too many dangers in the area. 

She reached the bottom as she pulled a 360- winding up in the small intersection as she nearly ended up kissing a car- swerving around it as she heard the driver yell out something about 'stupid teenagers' as she smiled- letting out a cry of happiness as she let herself sink into the complete bliss that she felt here.

Willow loved skating down these roads.  It was an escape for her- away from her life.  It's not that it was a bad thing- but in a way- she felt like she was free from everything when she was out here like this.

She was about to turn a corner for the sidewalk, when the sound of sirens blared from up behind her.  She turned and sighed with defeat as she noticed blue and white bubble lights shine upon her.  She knew this well too. 

Stopping her board, she picked it up in her hands as she waited for what they would say to her this time…


Willow approached the front door of she and her parent's house, accompanied by the two female officers.  She walked through the door as she saw her parents sitting on the couch.

"Chaitra and Ariel Greene-Montress?" one of them stated.

"We found your daughter skateboarding out in the main roads.  She said it was clear when she first got onto them," the other continued.

Ariel gasped, walking over, "Willow Akira Greene-Montress!" she scolded in shock.

Chaitra joined her, sighing, "Thank-you, officers.  I know you must be getting sick of this all," she added on.

"Not at all.  Though this is the sixth time.  We're afraid that we may need to take action next time.  Consider yourself lucky, Willow," the first officer explained.

"Whatever," Willow replied, rolling her eyes. 

"Willow," Ariel stated softly, shooting her daughter a soft glare. 

Just enough to tell her to behave herself.

"But at any rate- we gotta go.  Have a nice day, girls," the second female wished as they went out the door, closing it behind them.

Ariel shook her head, "Willow, I can't believe-"

"What is there not to believe, Mommy?  There were no cars when I got out there!  That stupid broad in the one that I swerved ran a red light, and-"  Willow fought back.

"That isn't the point!  Willow, how could you be so stupid?  I mean, I know you're smarter than that! Hell, you managed to get all A's in last year's report card.  What possessed you to go out and do something that could kill you?" Chaitra cut in.

"Mom, I know these roads like I know this house!  Nothing could have happened," Willow assured.

"You don't know that, Willow-" Chaitra started.

"Why are you girls so freaked out about this?  I'm seventeen!  I know what I'm doing," Willow intervened.

Ariel sighed, "We know you do, sweetheart.  It's just that- your Mom and I- well; we don't wanna lose you.  I mean, you're our first and only."

Willow sighed, "Mommy, you won't.  Don't worry about me," she promised.

It was Chaitra's turn to speak now, "Willow- we're willing to forget about this incident- as long as you promise to be more careful next time.  Can you promise us that, honey?"

Willow looked down.  She was a free spirit- a wild child almost.  She loved her parents and they loved her- but of course, sometimes she thought that they were a little too worried about her.  There was no use for trying to resist- they'd end up keeping a close eye on her- to which she hated.

"All right.  I promise," she vowed.

"Thank-you," Ariel added on. 

Willow just nodded. Picking up her skateboard, she walked off and climbed the stairs to her bedroom- setting it upon her floor.  No need to stay indoors on such a pretty day.  Grabbing her light spring jacket- she headed back downstairs and out the patio door.

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