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"You guys; what's this surprise you have for me?" Terra questioned as the three of us walked down the steps and heading towards the backyard.

"Just a few more minutes and we'll be there, my love," Hope answered, guiding her down the dirt driveway, and onto the lush, green grass.

Terra sighed, smiling as she kept her eyes closed- letting my angel help her to the setup we had going for her graduation party.  We had the usual setup- streamers, balloons, and a buffet of pretty much everything.

I gave a smirk- walking up and lifting the black, leather cover off of an object as I awaited my love and my daughter.

Hope led her just a bit further; stopping as he finally spoke, "All right.  Open up-"

Terra did so as she gasped- her petal pink eyes widening as she stood there in shock.  Before her, and next to me- was a beautiful sunset red, Firebird.  She walked up, admiring it's beauty as she whipped around.

"Is it- mine?" she questioned with disbelief.

Hope nodded, "It's yours," he answered warmly.

"Oh my goddess," Terra went on.

"Ummhmm.  Hope and I wanted something special to give you.  Something that we knew that you'd love.  And eventhough you're no longer our little girl anymore- please do know that you're apart of us, and always will be," I explained.

"That's right," Hope went on, "And what a more perfect gift than this on your day to shine?"

Terra smiled, walking up and pulling my love into a hug- practically twirling him around the room as she kissed his cheek lightly, "Oh, thank-you, Daddy!!  Thank-you so much!"

Hope laughed softly, returning the hug.

"You are eternally welcome, my love," he responded.

I just had to smile at that one scene.  I guess it was my own turn for a hug, because-

"And thank-you as well, Dad.  This is the best present ever," she spoke, pulling me into a tight embrace. 

I needed to be careful so that we wouldn't end up falling onto the grass.  That's how tight she had me.

I smiled lightly, laying a kiss upon her cheek, "Our pleasure, Terra.  You truly deserve this-"

Michiru paused, looking around at the setting, "Hey wait- you guys.  Someone's missing."

Kayorinyte turned towards his wife, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah.  There are seven of us.  Where's Ann-Ma-" Michiru began as she was cut off by a slight squeak of joy- getting louder as we noticed our friend run up- panting just a bit as she flopped down onto one of the lawn chairs.

"Marie?" Malachite questioned, meeting her glazed over violet eyes.

"Aw man," she began, "I have so many things to tell you!"

"What's up?" Autumn smiled.

Ann-Marie placed her hands to her chest, gesturing in a type of prayer motion as she smiled, "On the way over here; I met a guy.  We met as I was going to the store to get Mountain Dew-"

Hope giggled, "So, Marie has a boyfriend?" he teased.

Ann-Marie swooned, "His name is Ken.  He's so sweet!!  Sky blue hair, honey gold eyes.  He drives racecars, and he told me I was beautiful-" she sighed, "Wonderful, amazing, gorgeous Ken!" she spoke as stars practically appeared in her eyes.

Autumn laughed softly at the cuteness, "It seems like everyone's falling in love, aren't they?"

Malachite pulled his husband closer, "Indeed.  So Marie, tell me- did Ken do this-? He began as he smirked- playfully blowing our friend a kiss.

Ann-Marie practically melted.  I had to laugh at that one.  She was something else.  I did know that, from now on while we worked- I'd probably hear all about this new guy.  But I wasn't mad.  I thought it was cute actually.

Things had taken quite a change for us.  Hope and I being married for a good ten years, Terra graduating, Marie and I working as a team.  We now managed our own wing as I was studying the field that she worked in.  I wanted to learn more about Hope's 'curse,' as he had called it; and so I gave up my job at Malibu General- and transferred to Malibu Medical.

Mal and Autumn had moved here not long after Kayori and Mich's wedding.  I guess Hope's pep talk with Autumn helped him to work up the strength to confess that he loved the warm climates. 

I was glad too.  It was nice to have another friend to talk to up here.  Autumn still worked as a florist.  He had actually just opened a new shop up that Malachite had bought for him as a surprise anniversary present.  I guess it used to be a nightclub or something.

But Mal bought it and everyone helped him to decorate it- and when it was completed- he took Autumn down and surprised him.  It's really great because Hope stops over and helps him run the shop once in a while.  Kind of like his assistant manager.  I thought that was cool. 

I went up, taking my love into my arms as he smiled- leaning into me as we share a kiss.

Michiru smirked, "Well, guys- just think- she's graduated from high school, going off to college.  Soon you'll be giving her away-"

Hope and I blanched.

~And Storm comes to a close.  Man, I can't believe that it took me 2 days to rewrite this chapter. O.O Oie…what am I coming to? -_-;;  I hope you all enjoyed this story; and I hope that it was able to touch your heart in one way or another.  And for all of those that continue to stand by and support me…thank-you.  True allies are what make everything possible. ^_^


…"We conquered it all together
Through thickness and through thin
We stuck through it all
And never let each other go
The world didn't approve
Of who we were together
But we didn't care
Nor did we ever fear

We learned to cope with hardships
And learned to deal with strife
But we stayed together
And made our love thus stronger
The night that we confessed
That we loved each other
All made possible by you
Because you loved me so much
To say that you would never leave me
As you lost two people
You found your one true love
The story that was told here now
Was told Through the Eyes of Storm…"

~Fallen Angel of Darkness ("Flutter")