To Everyone, Please Read:

As I have said before, I accept flames-but this does not mean I will accept people personally attacking me. If you hate my stories, you can say that and I won't be hurt but if you have a problem with my style of writing DON'T READ ANYMORE!!!!

"This is a good sotry. The chapters are too damn short. Update, then dont write another god damn story. the chapters are too damn short you stupid s.o.b.

u stupid s.o.b. you cant write for shit. stop your writing career right there cuz u aint got one. you suck at it. you dont give details, or enough dialouge. you cant write a full chapter you stupid son of a bitch. man i sure do hope this is your first and last story cuz this sux. Abandon your "story" cuz you cant write. for fucking sakes. write a god damn CHAPTER!"

Those are two reviews I have recently received from an anonymous reviewer.

These messages have not hurt me personally because I know that I am a very accomplished author: I have publications and I have even written a full- length novel. If this person has a problem with the particular style of "In My Attic," they can email me and I will tell them where their opinions can go.

Thanks to all my positive and constructive reviews!!!

Love, Sammie