MY French Fries

My french fries (yua!)
cummon ya'll! (uh)
keep ya heands off my fries!
open up ya urrs and let me tell ya how it is...

Ain't nobody gonna take my fries

if you touch em i'll poke out your eyes

see now i paid for this french potato

you want some go and get your own

when it comes to these ba-bies

im just a french fry freak

cause i eat my spuds

at everyday of the week! ( oh!)

Don't touch my french fries

or drink my pimp juice

cause "everythings bigger in Texas!"

'specially that big fat nuse!

it's illeagal in all 52

(yes i said 52 cause i got my my own state too)

it's a state where freedom rings

or should i say, "freedom fries and onion rings"?

so keep yo' hands off 'em or i'll smack you in tha head

if that don't work then i'll fill your mouth full of bread
(don't ask why)


When you gonna get this through ya' head...besides

im tired of talkin...Ima go eat my frenchy fries!

( oh ya by the way...that goes for my potato salad too)