The Dragon, the Witch and the Tomatoes by Azzandra

The night air was wavering. The moon was sliding unceremoniously under the line on the horizon and towards east, a fine line cracked beyond the peaks of the mountains. Then, with a final effort, the sun jumpped over the peaks and grasped the morning sky firmly, showing he wasn't going to set anytime soon, while small flickering stars disappeared one by one off the lit sky.

Iris shifted her head away from the sunlight.

The red-on-white dragon yawned widely, cursing the sun for getting her awake. She openned one eye. Her vision was blurry, but the crimson optic quickly picked up the unnatural black trace swirling towards the sky.

Iris jumpped to her feet and gaped, near the entrance to her cave.

There was little doubt where the smoke came from.

See, even if dragons the size of cows, with white scales, decorated with red striped and a red mane (not to mention the wings, also with red stripes) were a rare sight, smoke in the middle of nowhere was even more unusual.

But this smoke wasn't unusual. The local fauna was used to seeing strange occurances ever since a witch with very poor witching skills made her residence in a mountain's cavern.

The witch, Azzandra Megaire, was a blundering young girl with her head in the clouds. She specialised in mythological creatures (she was a fraggin' encyclopedia on legs), but at spells, she was... bluntly put... mediocre.

And not once had it ended in disasters-- like purple grass, angry faeries and blood-hungry gryphons with bits of cheese and bacon in their fur-- and trust me, you didn't want to be around when Azzandra screwed up.

But Iris had not much of a choice. She'd been the one that vouched for Azzandra and if the witch had caused a disaster once more, it'd be her head on a plate.

So she openned her wings, with her eyes still on the smoke, and jumpped in the air, gaining momentum, then speeding up.

By the time Iris reached Azzandra's cave, she could hear coughing and wheezing.

"Azz? You in here?" Iris asked tentatively.

"Yeah *cough* I'm *wheeze* in here *cough*..."

"Maybe you should stop breathing," Iris suggested, coming in.

The cavern was a smoking mess. Really, it wasn't Azzandra's fault she couldn't say a spell properly!

The girl was sprawled on the floor, rubbing the side of her head where Iris assumed she had hit her head.

Azzandra had waist-long black hair, now a tangled mess, and always wore alfits made of some sort of dirty-golden-like leather of unknown origin. Like now, she was wearing a vest, an ankle-long tight skirt and a white shirt with large sleeves. All of which was dirty with soot and some unidentified glowing red substance.

"What exactely were you working on?" Iris raised an eyebrow.

"Eh... growing tomatoes..."

Blank look from Iris.

"Heh?" the dragon was even more confused.

Azzandra let out an exasperated sigh.

"I was trying to figure out a way of creating my own vegetables, so I wouldn't have to go all the way to those cheapskate farmers to buy food! But there wasn't exactely a spell for it, so..."

"...You winged it..." Iris concluded, shaking her head. Same old story.


Azzandra dusted herself and went outside.

"Hey, Iris, could you give me a lift?" she asked.

"Sure, where to?" the dragon asked.

"The market... I still don't have any tomatoes..."

The End

Author Note: that was completely random. I was drawing yesterday and created Iris the dragon and wanted to use her in something. Incidentally, that something just had to have something humorous.

I'm not going to continue this (unless someone has serious arguments as to why I should... okay, even not-so serious arguments will do.)