Just To See You Smile
Chapter 1

It was August 25, the first day of school at Diamond Creek High. For many it was exciting. For Senior Belle GlenBriar it was nerve wrecking. It was her first day at a new school and she knew nobody. She had moved to Diamond Creek 4 days ago with her mother and was not looking forward to this "brand-new start" as her mother called it.

She stood in front of the school looking up at the rather large building, gave a sigh, and proceeded toward the front doors. In the process of doing this she turned many heads. Standing at 5'6 with dark chocolate curly brown hair, sapphire blue eyes, ivory complextion, and a figure to die for, she was in essence heart-stopping.

Eric Anderson glanced up and immediately decided that she would have to be his new girlfriend and while watching this mystery girl make her way inside the building, he was pondering ways to dump Kara his current girlfriend of a week.

Belle also caught the attention of Luke Halloway. Luke followed her inside with his eyes and almost stopped breathing. It wasn't until his friends Alex and Ryan started laughing that he realized he had fallen on the ground and was no longer leaning on the tree.

"Forget it man. I'll bet a months supply of Jack Daniels that our favorite jock makes her his girfriend within 24 hours and that she's inducted into bitch-hood by Crystal and Megan." Alex stated.

But Luke could think of no comment to throw back at his friend.The bell rang and Ryan helped his love-struck friend of the grass.

"Come on man. Let's go." Both friends laughed at the look on Luke's face as he had yet to recover all the way up the stone steps.


Belle was late. She was returning from registering at the office and was franticly searching for room 211 when she bumped into a rather tall figure.

"You OK?" she heard a deep yet soft male voice say. She also heard two other voices laughing and figured they were his friends.

"Yeah I'm fine, sorry I wasn't watching where I was going." she said.

"No, it was my fault. You sure your ok?"

"Positive." Now looking up, Belle saw this figure develop into 6 feet of pure muscle. He had blonde spikey hair and enchanting green eyes.

"Your new. I've never seen you before." He said.

"Yeah. My mom and I just moved here." Belle said not really feeling to comfortable around this bunch.

"From where?" he asked.

"Detriot." She responded still not very comfortable around this guy and his friends.

"Oh that's cool. So, what brings you here to Diamond Creek?"

Belle not wanting to give out anymore information about herself to this stranger asked, "What do you want to know for?"

"Well, when I see something that interests me I want to know more about it." He stated.

Belle was no longer uncomfortable, she was mad. How dare this guy refer to her as a thing! She was a person! "Oh."

"Yeah. And you interest me. So, if your not busy, I was thinkin' that we could go to the movies and get something to eat? He questioned.

Who did this guy think he was? Could anybody be as rude and arrogent as he was? He just assumed I was interested in him. I mean sure he is cute an all, but he is just so arrogent!

Not wanting to start anything Belle simply replied, "I'm busy."

"Oh, well that's to bad. Maybe some other time then." He smirked.

"Yeah, maybe." Belle sneered. She turned to walk away. Before being stopped by another question.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"What?" She countered.

"Well, you do have a name don't you?" He smirked again.

Not believing this guys boldness she simply said, "Belle."

He turned began to leave. Not wanting to be left in the dark she asked," What's yours?"

"What?" Her question had caught him off guard.

"Well, you do have a name don't you?" she quipped.

Touche' he thought. "Eric." He said simply.