Just To See You Smile

*Chapter 29


Belle, Luke, Brad, Kate, Marie, Alex, and Ryan all graduated on May 23 perfectly healthy. Eric was charged with Trespassing, Assault, and Attempted Murder. He was found guilty on all charges and was sentenced to 10 years in prison without the possibility of parole and much to Eric's chagrin 100 hours of community service.

Mike and Marie were surprisingly still together. Mike had been accepted into the same nearby university that Marie was and were going to be sharing an apartment.

Alex, Ryan, and Luke had cut a demo tape had sent it to a several record labels and had gotten a couple of call back from Arista Records. They were going to be leaving for New York in a week.

Kate and Brad were very happy together and were also attending college in the fall.

Belle had also been busy. She had received a letter from her mother stating that she felt Belle would be better off without her. She would be depositing money into Belle's account so she would be able to pay for the house and her car as well as money to buy food and clothes. She didn't give much of an explanation but said that she really and truly loved Belle be thought that if she stayed her Belle's relationship would be even further estranged. Belle was also leaving for New York. She and Luke would still be together while she attended NYU pursuing a degree in fashion. She would also be interning at GUESS. She and Luke as well as Alex and Ryan would all share an apartment there.

6 months later, Kate called Belle to tell her that her and Brad were engaged. Public Disturbance had contract with Arista and there album was released in December. Mike and Marie were seriously dating and becoming one powerhouse couple. And as for Belle and Luke, they were married secretly on Christmas Eve. They took their Winter Break as a honeymoon and traveled to Paris.

1 year later Kate and Brad were married in Diamond Creek. Kate was quite positive she was the first bride to ever have 2 Maids of Honor. Mike and Marie became engaged later at their apartment and Public Disturbance's first album debuted at Number 1. When Brad and Kate came back from their honey moon, everyone was invited to Belle's house for dinner. There she and Luke announced that they were already married but were going to have a real ceremony next year.

3 years later Luke was again in a hospital waiting room with Belle as the patient only this time he was happy. The whole "gang" was there waiting on news about Belle. It finally came and Luke was invited back to see his new baby girl.

Life was good.

2 years later, Luke and Belle arrived back home with Jason in tow from a trip to London. Luke checked the answering machine and found the light blinking. Luke pressed the play button and listened to the left message.

"Hey, Luke and Belle. Congratulations on the baby. You must be so excited. Yep, you're right. It's Eric. I bet you're wondering what I'm doing out of prison. Well, it's the funniest story. I was let out on good behavior, imagine that! Whelp, see ya later."

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