Lady Earth

Lady Earth,

take me once again

between your thick roots

and let me became a woman again.

Twist me,

bend me,

part your soil

so that I may retrieve myself.



to the new and unfolding magnificence

of icy brown eyes.

This crowded land is nothing but a shuffle

beneath my snow licked nose

and I wish to hide within you once more.

My skin could be my own once more,

and my love,

my lover,

the earth,

the world

could be free

from the tingling shake of war and disease.

Lady Earth,

if you took me inside you again

I could make the world whole,

hold it safe and tightly between my pale fingers

and feel the earth giggle underneath my feet.

Once I was within you

I would sing you a beautiful song

of peace

and love

and color it with a

sapphire rainbow

that would leave you in tears

and me

with my soil ridden fingertips could wipe away your fear for destruction.

I could be a twin


to you

in this time of need

and live beside the ground

and speak to you every morning

before dawn

when the night

with all its beauty

was still out

among us.

I would lie


the eye lashes

of your tall yellow grass

and be made whole above you

and in my lovers arms.

Lady Earth,

if you took me in

the rain would fall warmly across our skin once more

and melt the anger and hate

of the men who seek to stain your skin red

like fire

and lick the delicate masterpiece of your face

until its dry

as I am now.