the survivor

If I woke up tomorrow and
the world had just ended
I'd get outta bed and be running through Hell
tossing rocks through the spider-webbed windows
breaking locks on cinder-stained doors
I'd kick off my sneakers
throw off my jacket
sing in the morgue

I'd be shimmying skyscrapers up to eternity
dropping pennies where the impact sounds
like a bomb in the rain
spray painting the absence of authority
all the way down Main Street
tapping my feet to the sound
of pennies dropping in the downpour

I'd be taking strolls through the wasteland
the daily pill I need to take
listening to humanity's fate
on my Walkman, batteries dead
kicking the trash arranged just so
on the blackened face of the tarmac
hop skip and jumpin' down
to acid grass made of lead

In my rags I'd run depraved
shouting out my mother's name
a filthy monstrosity with calloused feet
doing my dirty work in the craters they left behind
killing the rats 'less they thieve me blind
the smoking ash my taste of victory
the smoke the smell of defeat

I'd be setting off fireworks at sunset
be screaming at the sky when the sun
tired and weak and fearful of me
rose above the blasted horizon
I'd be betting the rats and the roaches
ain't no- one lasted longer than I
and I ain't ever gonna die

And under the ruins of my very own theme park
welcome to Apocalypse World!
lie the bones of the frail and lost
on their tombstones are engraved
the path of my playtime
I'd suck their liquid souls out
turn up the silent music
and I'd dance on their graves
too bad they can't hear me laughing

if I woke up tomorrow and
the world had just ended
me and myself would have one hell of a time
one Hell of a world
one fallen angel
kicking the stones over billions of bones
after death himself dies
if I woke up tomorrow
I'd party on
and on
and on
and on....


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