some of this might be confusing... as for the letter part, my sister kept yelling at my to send a damn letter, it really got to me :P And yes, she did get the punishment she deserved, I beheaded all her barbies.

Another nignt contemplating
Another night alone.

I used to be the perfect kid

In a different state of mind

Everything was all the same
Each moment like the last.

Then I grew up and it tasted bitter
Bitter's better (send the letter!)
{She's been this way since I first met her}

I'm just the one you like to blame.

See... It's like this, okay?
A thousand people walking past me
No one thinks to stop and help me
Maybe there's something about me
That makes you keep on walking by me.

Forever and ever (I sent the letter!)
You'd think it would have gotten better
But it's just another night contemplating
If I should stay at home.