The pain is ripping my flesh from the inside out. Nobody cares that the pulse of my heart is beating like the beat of the hummingbird's wings. I'm at the edge of a cliff looking down at the strength of the ocean's waves crashing against the sharp, jagged rocks. My mind is racing through the memories of a forgotten man. The looks, the snares, the words. oh the words that can pierce you like a sword. I can't get away from them. They are everywhere. In my thoughts. dreams. The capacity of what a man can take is only so much. I'm at a fork in the road and looking at what purpose there is to keep going. Why even chose to keep going.? It's the same where ever you go. It doesn't matter which choice I make. The never ending torture will follow. Does anybody care.? Does anybody care! Why should I dream of Utopia in the morning when it is hell I'm facing every day? Let me out! Let me free! Am I to be placed in a zoo to be mocked at, to be poked at? What desire is there to keep going? Great men talk of love and compassion. Love, Love, Love! Where can I find this? Show me a sign. Is love only to be given to the privlaged few. Shoot me in the heart for I feel nothing there. The craving for a person to care for, and to have that person care back. Yet there is no sympathy for the unloved. Sympathy is part of love. Just cast me to darkness, for I am already there in my mind. Rocks, break me free!