Freshman Friday


-Have a Nice Day-


(A/N: Hiya! I just wanted to say that this will be written in play format…sort of. Why? I don't know…seemed easier at the time…)


Chapter 1: The Club


             [ Scene 1. An alarm clock goes off. It reads 6:30 a.m. A girl is seen sleeping. She wakes up and looks to the clock]

GIRL: First day of high school…hmm…should I get up?

            [she stares at her alarm clock, then pushes the 'off' button]

GIRL: Much better.

            [She closes her eyes. Someone suddenly yells for her]

???: Isaa! Time to get up!

ISAA:  Five more minutes mom?

MOM: No! You have to get dressed, brush your teeth and eat!

ISAA: It doesn't take me a half an hour to do that…

MOM: Get up!

ISAA: Fine.

            [Scene 2. School. ISAA is sitting in first period]

ISAA: First day of high school. Oh golly gee. I'm so excited I'm going to piss my pants.

            [A boy comes in, looking nervous. Seeing the open seat beside ISAA, he takes it and sets down his stuff (A/N: By the way, the other students are sitting around blabbing their mouths off)]

BOY: This school is crazy…

ISAA: [overhears him] Why is that?

BOY: One: This place is too damn huge. Two: They make people have math first period.

ISAA: True. High School is evil… What's your name?

BOY: Um, Nicholas, but I really hate that… Just call me Nick.

ISAA: Yeah, I can see why you hate it. Except I can see why you would like it too.

NICK: How could you like it?

ISAA: Nicholas D. Wolfwood!

NICK: What?

ISAA: You know, Nicholas D. Wolfwood? Preacher guy from Trigun? (A/N: I would just like to say that, No, no anime characters will be appearing in this story. I just use names. Oh and No, I don't own the anime characters of course.)

NICK: [looks at her dumbfounded]

ISAA: You…don't watch Anime do you?

NICK: What's Anime?

ISAA: You don't know what Anime is!? HOLY CHEESE!

NICK: [gets nervous]

ISAA: You have much to learn Grasshopper.

NICK: Grass…hopper?

ISAA: I feel sorry for you Grasshopper. Do you like cartoons?

NICK: Sometimes yeah.

ISAA: Okay! That makes my job a whole lot easier.

NICK: What? What job? And why does me liking cartoons make your 'job' easier?

ISAA: It just does.

            [A girl comes in the class. She sees ISAA and smiles]

GIRL: Isaa!

            [ISAA looks over and see the girl]

ISAA: Ceres!

            [Ceres sits in front of ISAA]

NICK: Ceres? That's a weird name.

CERES: Oh? And what's your name?

ISAA: His name is Nick.

CERES: Really?! Cool!

NICK: I'm guessing she likes Anime too?

ISAA: Yeah. That's why we call her Ceres.

NICK: What's her real name?

CERES: It's Jennifer.

ISAA: Yeah. Poor her.

JENNIFER: Ceres is off of an anime called Hellsing.

NICK: So what's your real name? [looks to ISAA]

ISAA: Isaa.

NICK: Really?

ISAA: Yeah, it's a long story.

JENNIFER: We all call her Shadow.

ISAA: [in a tone that sounds like Legato (from Trigun)] My name is Shadow. Shadow Bluesummers.

            [The girls laugh]

NICK: Who's 'we'?

GIRLS: The 'When you go Anime, You never go backae' club.

NICK: Nice pig Latin. [laughs]

ISAA: Shut-up.

NICK: So, where's your club?

JENNIFER: Well, Kenshin is somewhere, probably lost.

ISAA: His real name is Kevin.

JENNIFER: Sanosuke is probably with him.

ISAA: That's Sean.

JENNIFER: Asuka and Misato are probably late.

ISAA: Andrea and Michelle.

JENNIFER: Alucard is in art right now. Lucky bastard.

ISAA: Andrew.

JENNIFER: And lastly, Vash and Legato are in Biology.

ISAA: Brian and Eric.

NICK: Aren't many girls huh?

ISAA: A lot of girls think Anime is for 'geeky guys'.

JENNIFER: Which isn't true!

NICK: So what do you guys do?

ISAA: Well, at meetings we usually go to someone's house and just hang out, watch Anime, play video games, blah, blah, blah.

JENNIFER: Yeah, what did you think? It's a cult?

NICK: [laughs nervously]

JENNIFER: So what's his deal Isaa?

ISAA: I'm taking him under my wing.

JENNIFER: He doesn't watch anime huh?

ISAA: [shakes her head]

JENNIFER: Well Nick, if men in black or white suits ever come to your door asking if you know Isaa, say you never saw her.


            [The girls laugh. Suddenly the teacher comes in]

TEACHER: Okay class, settle down. We've got a lot to get through.

            [Suddenly a boy comes running in after the bell]

BOY: [hastily] I'msorryI'msolate! I'llneverbelateagain! I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry!

TEACHER: Um, it's okay! Please, take a seat.

ISAA: Sano! Hey! Over here!

            [Sano (Sean) sits by JENNIFER]

SANO: Hi guys.

ISAA: Where's Kenshin?

SANO: Oh, he's in Chinese.

ISAA: Lucky bastard.

TEACHER: Are we quite done with our gab session?

ISAA: Oh, uh, yes! Sorry!

            [Scene 3. Lunch. ISAA is waiting outside the cafeteria doors for everyone]

ISAA: Dammit. I told Jennifer to hurry up!

JENNIFER: [comes up beside her with the club in tow] You called?

ISAA: Thank GOD! Let's hurry and find a table!

JENNIFER: What about the new kid?

ANDREA: New kid? Since when are we accepting applications?!

ISAA: Since now. You guys go inside. I'll wait for him.

            [The club heads inside while ISAA waits for NICK]

NICK: Isaa! Hey!

ISAA: Took you long enough.

NICK: Sorry, I got lost.

ISAA: Just c'mon! We have a meeting to attend.

            [ISAA drags NICK inside. She sits down at the table the club is at.]

ISAA: Hello everyone. Good to see you all!

ERIC: Hello Isaa, as always it's a pleasure.

ISAA: Yeah…um, I have an announcement! [puts her hand on NICK's shoulder] This is Nick! He's our new Grasshopper!

EVERYONE: Welcome!

ISAA: Now he's never heard or seen Anime before, so I want everyone to inform him on…um…stuff.

SEAN: What happens if he doesn't like it?

ISAA: Respect his opinion of course. Also, this year we're taking applications!

BRIAN: What? Why?

ISAA: We need more people to be able to form a club here in the school.

KEVIN: What about his name?

NICK: My name?

ISAA: Yeah, it's a tradition of sorts in the club.

NICK: Well, I definitely don't want to be called Nicholas.

JENNIFER: Oh I know! Let's call him Grasshopper Wolfwood!

ISAA: What do you think Nick?

NICK: …Do we really have to have Grasshopper there?


NICK: Okay, fine.

            [Scene 4. Gym. ISAA is sitting in the bleachers on the girls side of the gym. JENNIFER, MICHELLE, and ANDREA are sitting with her]

ISAA: This day is almost done! THANK THE HEAVENS!

ANDREA: Yeah, just one more period to go.

MICHELLE: If you think today sucks, wait till Freshman Friday. (A/N: For those who don't know, Freshman Friday, at some schools, means that it's the day to embarrass the hell out of freshman. It really sucks.)

GIRLS: [sigh, irritated] yeah…

JENNIFER: You think they'll allow that? I mean, it's unfair.

ANDREA: I'm sure they'll come up with a SAFER, more FUN way to humiliate freshman.

ISAA: Yeah… Wouldn't it be cool if we had our own bodyguards who would keep us insult free for that day?

MICHELLE: Yeah! Bishounen bodyguards!

JENNIFER: Cute guys galore!

BRIAN: Hey, we can hear you over here! Stop with your stupid dreams! They're making us sick!

ISAA: Oh shut-up Brian.

JENNIFER: Yeah! If we were talking about scantily clad girls, your tune would change real quick!

SEAN: You're damn right it would! [laughs]

ANDREA: You guys make us sick!

BRIAN: And your stupid girly guys make us sick!

ISAA: And thus ends another episode of 'A day in the lives of Otakus'…

JENNIFER: What a bunch of children.


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