There's that saying, "Life isn't easy." Boy, don't I know it. I could probably teach a class Harvard University about how hard life can be. It seems that just when you think you've figured things out and you become used to the way things are, life decides to throw a sick twist in front of you that throws you off completely. The twists and turns in life, it seems, just never end.

As I sit here right now, it's hard to believe that I'm already 28 years old. God, I can remember thinking that 28 sounded so old. I laugh now at the times I referred to anyone over the age of 25 as ancient. There are days when I really do feel ancient and yet, at the same time, I still feel so young. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I still feel as though I am that 18 year old confused girl that I once was. I expect that as soon as I open my eyes, I will be at the local YMCA with Mark, Todd, and Josh or I'll be working in Modell's with Christy, teasing her about my brother, Will.

But, in reality, as soon as I open my eyes I realize that that life is far behind me. Although I miss that life very much, it's a comfort to know that I have now settled down and, for the time being, my life in rather peaceful. (Sometimes, even too peaceful, that it scares me.) Although with my age has come more responsibilities and roles to play, I enjoy it. I still have the roles of being a daughter, sister, and friend, but I now also am a wife and mother of two. (And a little kick from inside of me is making sure that I mention that my third child is on its way.) Sure, I married and had children when I was still pretty young, but I would be lying if I said that I was not overjoyed by the life I have now.

I love being a mother. There is nothing better than the look of love your children give you. It is a look a child reserves only for his/her parents. To watch them grow and gain new skills is nothing short of amazing. It is a wonder to know that you brought such wonderful little miracles into the world.

My daughter, Michelle, is now five years old. Everyone agrees that she is a spitting image of me. She has my slightly tanned complexion, blue expressive eyes and petite frame. The only difference is that her brown hair has soft curls in it. Otherwise, her hair is just how I always had it; long. My husband and I refuse to cut it. Call it petty, but we love her hair and do not want to change it. Already, at five, it is obvious that, like her father, she yearns to learn everything. She is constantly asking questions about things she does not yet know and she usually understands new concepts quite easily.

I also have a son named Sean. He will be turning three in a little over a month. I've never heard a more adorable laugh than the one he has. He laughs and the whole room soon joins in with him. Everyone always says that his laughter lights up whatever room he is in. His hazel eyes always appear as though they are looking for some form of mischief for him to get himself into and his sandy brown hair never stays neat for more than a couple of minutes.

The only role that comes anywhere near being as fulfilling as being a mother is is being a wife. I love being able to wake up in the morning, roll over, and whisper in my husband's ear how much I love him. The way he then looks at me so adoringly is more than enough to make the day ahead of me look bright.

I have been married to my husband for almost six years now and my love for him has not died one bit. I never thought I could love a man as much as I love him. He always seems to know exactly what to say and exactly what to do to make me smile. I know now that I was not meant for any other man. Our love, like my life, was not always easy, but in the end, every struggle we went through to stay together was worth it.

I wish I could say that my life was always this wonderful. However, just mention one number and I sigh heavily. 18. When I was 18, I was so confused. I had just found my first love in a guy by the name of Josh Furmano. He was the kind of boyfriend that girls always dream of; smart, cute, funny, caring, and very romantic. He was perfect. And yet, I left him. I left him just so my mother would be happy again. On the surface, this may sound slightly honorable, but it was nothing of the sort. I was just weak and gave in to what my mother wanted-money.

I don't want to go into a long history about what happened. In simplest terms, my mother found a man, by the name of Ryan Morrison, who was wealthy. After speaking to his parents, an agreement was made for me to marry Ryan. I didn't even know who he was and yet, I left Josh to marry him. Josh had even promised to marry me, but I could not screw up the courage to defy my mother.

I am not trying to justify my actions, but I must say that I did have a reason for doing what I did. My mother, although I may not have liked the way she behaved and her morals (or lack thereof), was still my mother. It is hard for a daughter to know that she is the only one who could make her mother truly happy again. If I had not gone along with her plan, I know for certain now that our relationship would have ended. So, I agreed to marry into the Morrison family and, by doing so, I made my mother happy, but at the cost of my relationship with Josh.

No matter how many different ways I would look at it, I realized that the fact remained that I had chosen to leave Josh. Yes, at first I did feel as though I had been forced to, but slowly I realized that no one can be forced to do anything if they don't want to do it. So, not only did I have to deal with the loss of my first love, I also had to bare the guilt of knowing that it was my own fault that I lost him.

And yet, now I am happy again. I am married and a mother to two wonderful children. Some may be wanting to know how I could be so happy after losing the only man I had loved. I guess I should go back to the same day that I left Josh. It was about 10 years ago now when, as Josh had said, "I closed one book of my life and opened another."

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