Nadia stood at the beginning of the railings her hands were sweating as she grasped the bars. Slowly she slid them forward before she moved her legs. They felt like dead weights under her. She could hear the nurse beside her cheering her on as she took her first few steps. She forgot how great it was to be able to walk within weeks she was able to stand comfortably and walk small distances.

Her dad waited for her at the other side his arms wide open, like he had done so long ago when she took her first steps. Smiling his daughter made it across the room and into his arms. He was never so proud then at that moment.

"Come on, let's go get some muffins, my treat." He said as she held on to him.

"Sounds good to me. I'll drive." Her father's eye grew wide and he stood rigid. "I was just kidding." Nadia laughed.

"Of course you were, now how about those muffins." Nadia sat back down in her wheel chair as he wheeled her out of the hospital.

"So how about her?" Nadia asked pointing to a waitress as she passed by.

"She's too old, probably has a husband named Bud or something." Nadia laughed and took another bite. Nadia would point out different women to her father, asking if she would be ok to date. Each time he'd come back with a horrible back-story. It had become their new joke.

"I never really did ask you about what happened to Terry?"

"It's Torry, and you were right, I wasn't ready for a relationship, plus she was only after my money. I don't know if I'll ever date again." He sighed staring into the coffee in front of him.

"Well when you are, I'll support you. We deserve to be happy." She said taking his hand. "Mom would have wanted it that way." He smiled and looked into his daughter's eyes. What ever she saw on that trip made her seem so much more mature, she was no long his little girl.

"Where are those fuzz balls?" Nadia asked as she entered her house for the first time in what seemed like forever. She was let go from the hospital after a month and was now able to hobble on her own.

The first to show up was Ru running around the table legs; then came Rascal and Tarin. The three fought with each other each trying to reach Nadia first. Sitting down she gathered all three into her lap. They instantly began to purr. She knew that they had missed her as much as she missed them.

After a half hour of petting and purring she got up and staggered to her room. It was how she left it. The walls were bare and uncomfortable. She picked up a poster from the pile on her bed and began to tack it up. Then she put up another and another until her room was back to her room again. Now she was home. Sitting down on her bed she sighed, yes now she was home.

"Hey girly, the welcome home comity has come." Raven said from the doorway.

"Ok, you wanna help a cripple down the stairs?" Nadia said from her bed.

"Anytime." Raven took Nadia's hand and wrapped her arm around her shoulders. Together the two friends went out. She was no longer alone.

"Nadia there's some one here to see you he says it urgent."

"Ok send him in." Nadia replied to the receptionist. She was sitting behind her desk when she heard the door open. Turning her chair she saw no one there. Confused she bent back down and began to look over more files.

"Mawmwa." A voice said behind her. A smile covered her face as she spun her chair around. There sitting next to her plant sat a little boy no older then three.

"Nicholas what have you gotten into now?" she asked as she picked up the boy in her arms. He just giggled.

"Have you seen a little boy about yeh high, gets into a lot of messes?" asked the man in the doorway.

"I think I found him, you must keep better track of your children mister, one day they could disappear." She retorted.

"Well you'd have to blame his mother for that. She was always the trouble maker." Nadia smiled as he approached her.

"Nice to see you Trever."

"Is that all you have to say to me? Nice to see you Trever?"

"Shut up." She laughed as she pulled him into a kiss.

"Now that's more like it." He smiled. "Oh I almost forgot. She has been missing you like crazy." He went back to the door. "Here you go, I can't get her to calm down." He said placing the baby in his wife's arms, trading for the little boy.

"Hey sweetie." She cooed. "Well no wonder she's starving. Have you fed her?"

"Um, well seeing as I'm a guy, I kinda found it a little hard."

"It's ok Gracey, it's not Daddy's fault he kind find the bottles I left in the fridge." Grabbing her jacket and work she fallowed her husband out the office door. "Wait I for got something." She said running back to the desk. Picking up a file she turned and left.

On her desk sat pictures, one of her wedding, one of her and her father, one of each child and their father, and lastly a picture of her mother smileing at her own child in her arms. The name on the desk read:

Mrs. Nadia Brown

Head of Social Services

And she lived happily ever after.

The End.

Thank you for all of your support, I know you might not like that fact that Nico isn't who she ends up with, but hey that's life. And I'm the author. Anyway it's been fun. I'm kinda sad its over. But as the saying goes: when one story ends another begins.