Chapter 13: Pre-stupidass Meeting / Adam


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June 16, 2003

Do you still think that you can make me write in this? Ha. That's funny.


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June 16, 2003

After the event at detention, they tried to ask us a bunch of questions and shit but none of us would talk - though I admit it took a lot of effort to keep myself from getting that slob Jose locked up for what he did to Mulch. It's just that, I could probably beat him up myself one of these days and that would be much more satisfying than knowing that he's locked up somewhere safe as a kitten.

I was supposed to go to some class in Hell Hall – some History class or something – but of course I skipped to shower the vomit off of me and change into not-reeking clothes. Skipping class will probably get me another afternoon of detention, which will probably make me skip another class to shower and get cleaned up after detention – and this, I suppose, is how the fucking cycle goes.

Luckily, my twerpy roommate wasn't there 'cuz he actually went to his class and I had M13 all to myself.

…Lucky me…

I had a few free minutes post-shower and pre-stupidass meeting with counselor so I unpacked as many of the goods I had hidden in my suitcase as possible and put them all in the third drawer of the wooden dresser next to my bed. I piled some clothes on top of it all in case Kevin got really stupid and decided to look through my stuff.

I waited till the very last moment possible, sucking up and forcing myself to get used to the weird atmosphere of M13, until I had to get up and go down to Nap Hall where the counselors offices were. I was actually starting to feel better about M13. I mean, with the door and window shut the howling of wolves and other formidable creatures in the woods was blocked out pretty well and I hadn't found any ghosts waiting to leap out at me as I opened the drawers of my dresser. There was the possibility that they were all haunting Kevin's drawer, but dude, that can be his fucking problem.

My head and nerves were back down to pretty cool after the shower and everything - but then I walked into that stupid guidance counselor office and felt like retching all over again.

Because I have seen this scene over and over again, and been it myself countless times, I knew the very second I walked into the door and saw Mulch leaning towards that stupid short barely graduated kid counselor that I had seen at registration that I had interrupted what would have become a heavy make-out session.

Which disgusted me. Because, dude, I still remember that junk coming out of her mouth and pouring all over my chest just an hour earlier. For someone to stick his tounge into the cavity where all that barf had come out of so soon after the event- it was just WRONG man.

And I probably should have let that stupid bastard do just that, I realize, because that would have been sweet punishment for that guy annoying me - however that would have meant me standing outside awkwardly waiting for them to finish and fuck no, Adam Verns doesn't wait around for no one.

So I interrupted them.

"Before you kiss that girl, sir," I said drawing out the "sir" in a sarcastic tone, "I hope you do know that she just threw up."

The two of them jumped back away from each other so quickly that it was almost humorous. Well, funny – until Mulch whipped around and glared at me with the most beautiful angry green eyes ever which left me feeling pinned to the ground. Murderous bitch.

"Uh, Adam, that's right – I have an appointment with you right now," young and stupid said to me, he walked around Mulch and came towards me with his hand extended. "I'm your assigned counselor. Jared Wilkes. You can go ahead and call me Jared if you want. It's nice to finally meet you, I have heard so many stories about you already."

"Heh," I smirked and walked around his handshake towards the chair in front of his desk. On the way there I gave Mulch a "what's your problem look," because she was still giving me the death stare. I flopped down on his chair and drawled as insolently as I could, "Could we make this fast?"

Jared move back towards his desk nodding, "Yeah, sure Adam. I have an idea, why don't you walk Jade here back to her room while I pull out your folder and get ready for our meeting."

I took one look at Mulch whose angry eyes were now flashing at Jared as well as me before I said, "She can walk herself back, can't she?"

"I don't need an escort." Mulch snapped and started stomping her way to the door.

"Jade, wait up. No – Adam, I want you to walk with her. She had quite and ordeal at detention. Her cabin isn't that far, really, can you just-"

I gave an exasperated groan and jumped up from my what had been comfortable seat. "Fine."

As soon as the door to Jarred-face's office shut behind me Mulch turned around and shoved me. Shoved me! After all I did for her – I mean, I even let her throw up at me.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Did you not see we were having a moment?"

I shook the sudden assault off and walked around her towards the exit of Nap Hall. "Yeah, I saw."

It was like she was even more offended by the short answer I gave her. "Who the hell do you think you are?"

I sighed, turned around and put my hands up in a sign of peace. "Look, you and pretty boy can make out some other time. It's not like you won't be stalking him at his office every day-"

"STALKING?" Mulch repeated outraged.

"Can I just walk you to your room now, so that I can fucking get this meeting with him over with and have a little PEACE. I'm not having an exactly fucking wonderful day."

"Yeah, I don't fucking care how your day went." Mulch snapped. But what I said worked, and she started walking closer towards the cabins and my freedom. Which was all I could ask for.

"Where exactly do you live?" I asked as we were approaching the F cabins a few minutes later.

Mulch grabbed a card out of the backpack she had been holding. "F7," she read aloud.

I remembered Leo's telling me about F7 being the cursed equivalent of M13 and halted. "We're close enough. You go ahead. Bye." I said, turning around and walking in the direction back to Nap Hall.

"Yeah, thanks for nothing!" Mulch shouted back at me and I had a feeling that those eyes of hers were staring daggers in my back again.

I'm not a wuss. Okay. I was just, you know, making sure that I didn't happen to meet Mulch's roommate who could very well be this drop dead gorgeous chick that I could fall for at first sight and then I would be a DEAD MAN because anyone from M13 who dates someone from F7 is a DEAD MAN.

That's all.


Sorry folks, Johns Hopkins University took over my life. ALL YEAR I only go to write poems and short stories in my writing seminar classes. But it's summer now, and I am here to write for you. Thanks to all who reviewed and encouraged me to update during the past year. -Zia