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Changes Can Be Good.

God, I hate shopping malls. They're way to crowded and have hardly anywhere to sit. All I wanted was to get the present for Shaun and go. But no, someone up there hates me and doesn't let good things like that happen to me. Instead I'm stuck in this god-forsaken queue with some guy who's been looking at me oddly for the past five minutes.

"So, have you been invited to Shaun's party?"

It speaks! Wait…who the hell is this guy? And why is he talking to me?

"Yeah…of course I have…"

He's just smiling at me like an idiot. Do I know him? This is really annoying me, I mean he's acting like I know him, but for the love of God I can't place him!

"You're still trying to figure out who I am aren't you?"

Damn, am I really that obvious? I mean, I try not to be, but I guess I never was one for being sly. What can I say, I'm an artist, I like to look at things full on, you know, look at the details and you can't do that if you're not concentrating 100% on something.

"Well, yeah I guess I am. Don't get me wrong, you look familiar, but I can't place you."

I get the feeling that I'm really missing something here. You know, like he's dropped hints or something and I'm just being a complete and utter oblivious idiot. I hate feeling like this.

"Don't worry about it. It's not like we ever used to talk to each other, but I would have thought you would've recognised me. I'm Cody, you know, Josh's best friend, From High School."

Oh…now he mentions it, I see it. But damn, he's changed. A lot. He doesn't look…well, stoned for one. Still wearing the cut off shorts though and his arm still has all those damned beads. And his hair has changed, into several colours it seems.

"Oh, right. Yeah…I didn't recognise you now that you…"

Ahh fuck. I don't think it would be wise to say 'now that you don't look stoned'. I remember how he used to kick the shit out of people that used to say the wrong things. I need my hands functioning properly thank you very much.

Thank god he doesn't question what I was going to say, it's pretty obvious what I was going to say anyways, so instead he just raises his eye brows at me and…smiles? That's new.

"Yeah…I guess I have changed a lot haven't I."

All I do is smile and nod my head. I don't trust my mouth at this precise moment. No, wait; I never trust my mouth…nothing new there then.

His earlier question suddenly makes itself present in my mind…since when has him and Shaun been friends? I guess you miss a lot when you only see your friends once a month.

"You and Shaun friends?"

He's looking at me like I'm stupid. No wait, that wasn't the question I wanted to ask anyway. Ahh fuck. And my bloody mantra is 'think before you speak' I guess that doesn't work.

"I meant to say, you going to Shaun's party?"

I must look like a complete idiot because my questions are completely and I mean completely different. Well, I guess one good thing came out of my stupidity…he's laughing now. I have never heard him laugh like this; he's got a nice laugh…and smile. And his brown eyes are quite pretty…where's my pencil and paper when I need it huh?

"Yeah, I saw him about a month ago after I well…just after something and we got talking, then he gave me the invite last week when we met up."

Oh…so that's why he looks like he's not stoned. He's not…I heard he was sent to get off the stuff, guess he really was.

"Oh, that's cool."

Well, this is uncomfortable. I don't even know the guy so I don't really have anything to say to him.

"So, how's Josh?"

God dammit. THINK FIRST. He's just smirking at me now. I think it was pretty much obvious throughout the last year of High school to most people that I had the biggest crush on Josh. It was his green eyes and black hair. I mean, from my artistic point of view, he was the goddamn epitome of beauty.

"He's good. He's going to be at the party as well."

Am I the only one that didn't make friends after high school with people FROM high school? God, I shouldn't have gone to bloody art school. No wait; what am I saying…I love it here. I really am pathetic, not wanting to go to art school because it would mean knowing the guy I used to have a crush on.

"Oh, right."

He's looking at me again with that smirk. I wish he wouldn't do that. It makes me really uncomfortable…REALLY uncomfortable. As in, if he doesn't stop, I'll start babbling and that never does me any good.

"Yeah. You still like him then?"

Oh God. I want to die. I mean, it was okay assuming everyone knew because I didn't know they knew for sure…but did he have to say that…can't someone please shoot me now? I mean…it would be really helpful. I don't want to die of embarrassment. As it is, I can already feel my cheeks burning. Okay, if no one wants to shoot me, how about they show me a black hole I can climb into? No…no offers…


Real smooth Duncan. Look at that…should have tried the denial thing. It would have appeared better than 'huh'. Man I'm stupid.

"You still want to draw him? You know, you said something about his hair and eyes once and how you'd like to draw him…"

Oh. OH. Thank god I didn't try denial. For once, my speak without thinking tactic worked. He doesn't think I fancy him; just I want to draw him! God, if he wasn't here I think I'd burst into laughter and never stop. That's how good I feel.

"Oh, right. Dunno, I haven't seen him since school ended…what, nearly a year and a half ago now."

He's still got a smirk playing on his lips. That's kind of…disheartening.

"Well, he hasn't changed much. Just got a few piercing's now."

Oh.  I wonder if he has his eyebrow pierced. I always thought he'd suit one of those.

"I see. I guess in that case I'd still want to draw him."

He's got a big grin on his face now. Should I worry? No, I won't do that. Last time I worried over something as trivial as that, I couldn't sleep for days…and then I found out I had nothing to worry about anyway.

"Thought so. Well, I have to go. Nice seeing you again Duncan, probably see you at Shaun's then right?"

I've just realised that I've had a conversation with Cody. The guy that only few people were ever allowed to talk to…I guess after school people really do change.

"Oh, erm yeah. Guess I'll see you then."

With that, he walks off. He didn't even buy anything? What was he doing in the queue then? Come to think of it though, it wasn't like he was holding anything. That's kind of weird. Maybe I imagined the whole conversation, I mean I know it doesn't sound very likely, but it could happen…well, it could happen to me, trust me. Shaun best appreciate this present, I've had one hell of a day getting it.

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