Changes Can Be Good.

Well, isn't this pleasant. I mean, sitting in a nice cosy coffee place with a somewhat deranged lunatic who cannot and will not take no for an answer.

Not that I've said no to him in any way, shape or form but…I want the phone number! Just focus on the hot chocolate and all will be fine. And just who am I trying to kid here? I mean, he's smirking at me. Smirking is never a good sign.

"Do you like the hot chocolate Duncan?"

Is this some sort of trick question? If I answer yes will he think I'm coming on to him? No, of course he won't! That's ridiculous…

"Heh, yeah, it's really nice."

He's just looking at me. Is he waiting for me to say more? Do I have to go into detail about hot chocolate? I mean, what else is there to say? Great, one question and already I'm getting myself confused.

"Good. So Duncan, tell me about yourself…"

I don't like the attention. I mean, he's just looking and concentrating on me. I don't like it! It's kind of scary and extremely nerve racking. And really, how does he expect me to reply to that.

"There's not a lot to know."

Smooth. Look at that answer. And look, there aren't even any windows in this dark, small, and evil, corner... How am I supposed to find something to entertain myself with if I can't stare out of a window?

"Sure there is. You can start with the type of guys you go for, other than Cody that is, where you'd like to go for a date…"

Oh. I see. So, he wants to know if he stands a chance of getting in my pants. Well, he doesn't. Not even with the pretty eyes and that gorgeously tempting smirk and…THINK CODY.

"You don't have a chance in hell of getting into my pants if that's what you're after you know."

Wow. Did I actually say that? From the raised eyebrow and small grin I'd say I did. Oh great. Good thing there's no window…no window equals no light and so my blush can't be too obvious.

"You're blushing again you know."

Oh yes, I forgot about the dimmed lights. Silly me.

"No I'm not."

Great, just great, either I'm blushing even more or someone has just set fire to me and from the lack of screaming, pain and general panic I'd say the latter isn't happening. This just isn't funny anymore.

"Oh, you definitely are blushing and anyway, who said I wanted to get into your pants…"

Well, the hand on my thigh and the predatory grin are definitely one big give away…

"Just a guess."

Look pointedly at hand on thigh.

And no, he still doesn't get the hint. Do I have to remove the hand myself? And seriously, if he doesn't stop whatever it is he's doing I'm going to completely forget to be mad.

"Can you remove your hand please? It's really, really distracting me…"

Can he do anything other than smirk and grin? But at least the hand's gone. No wait, spoke to soon.

"Yes, that would be the whole point of it being there Duncan. Have you never had someone try to well, as you put it, get into your pants before?"

So I was right! Ha! I knew it. Wait, no, this is a bad thing. A very, extremely bad thing. Oh come on phone, don't let me down now, you always interrupt me, why aren't you doing it now?

"Well, I, uh…"

Wow, the heating must be on really high. Just, think Cody; gorgeous, sexy Cody. No, wait! That's not helping one single bit. You idiot Duncan! I-D-I-O-T.

"I take that as a no. Well, you're going to have to get used to it because, until I get what I want, which is obviously you in my bed, I'm not going to stop. And trust me Duncan, I always get what I want. Always."

Okay, I have officially stopped breathing. This isn't a good thing. Not when I'm trying to do the same thing to Cody. Oh no, not a good thing at all.

"So, can I please have Cody's number now?"

Oops. Wrong thing to say. Well, on a brighter note, I'm breathing normally again. Go me…

But seriously, he's looking a little more than annoyed right now. God, you'd think I'd have just ruined something big he had going on.

Oh wait, that's exactly what I did do. Well, can we say moron? I really have to learn to be sly. But, I just don't think it's in my nature. And why hasn't he said anything yet?

"What's in it for me if I give you his number?"

Oh look, he spoke. I kind of wish he hadn't now though. And what's in it for him? I thought this date was what was in it for him!

"This DATE is what was in it for you! You agreed to give me the number if I came here and well, here I am! Surprise…"

He doesn't look too impressed with me. But does he seriously think I'd sleep with him for a phone number? I mean, if I slept with him and then Cody found out well, the number would be useless anyway!

"Well, I've changed my mind. I want something more."

My God. If only this had happened in school, then I'd have had no problem. Not that I'm saying I slept around when I was at school because I didn't. But, at least back then he was like a God to me. Pretty much like Cody is now.

Wait; stop thinking about Cody and think of a way to get out of this coffee shop!

"I'm not sleeping with you for a phone number!"

He kind of looks shocked at that. Hmm, maybe I had him wrong. No wait, he admitted to wanting to sleep with me before.

"I'm not asking you to sleep with me, but you could agree to go out with me again. Or at the very least you could kiss me."

Lets think about this shall we, go out with the lunatic again or escape now and never see him again and find another way of getting Cody's phone number. I mean, I could always wait for the party in a few days but that's well, days away and I want him now. To see him now even…


And he's looking at me expectantly. I refuse to kiss him. Not because I'm afraid that if I start I won't stop. No, that's not it. Not at all.

Dammit Shaun. Why can't you phone me now?

Wait. Shaun! He knows Cody. They're friends. Friends have each other's phone numbers!

"I have to go. Nice seeing you again Josh. Bye."

And I've actually run away from a date…

And right into someone. Well-done Duncan. You know how to make a good clean getaway.


That's it; don't look at the person, just look at the ground.

"Hey Duncan, it's no problem! What are you doing here?"

Oh shit. Cody.

"He's on a date with me. Isn't that right Duncan?"

No. No I'm not dammit. Wait, how did he get out here so fast, it's not like the coffee shop is all that, well…okay so it's not like he had far to go…


Wow. Look at that, I actually said what I wanted to for a change.

"I was actually here to get your phone number, I uh, wanted to call you and see you and, well, I have to go."

God dammit, I've left without getting his phone number and he was right there, so very, very close. And I bet I look like a right idiot now. Well done.

Oh and look, what's that I can feel, it couldn't possible be my phone ringing now could it? Not now when I have no NEED for it to be ringing.


"Hey Duncan, thought I'd phone to see how you're doing…"

"How I'm doing? HOW I'M DOING?"

I give up, I really do. I'm going home to wallow in my misery once again. Maybe that shows on again. Hmm, I can only hope…

Wait, I could get the phone number now! Yes, be calm and make sense Duncan. Just for once in your life do something other than being an idiot! You can do it, just say…

"I don't want to talk right now. Maybe later. Bye Shaun."

Moron. What is it with my mouth and brain. Or maybe that's my pride and doing the right thing…

Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Well, the middle of the night's more like it.

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