Fall is Here

Walking home one day
Seeing the leaves all bright and gay
Surely fall is on its way
For the leaves shiver and sway

Some are orange, yellow, brown
A flush of red reachs the ground
The mix of colors twirl and dance around
Until they collapse and touch the ground

An orange leaf smiles with glee
Orange jack-o-lanterns stare at me
A small orange flame at their hearts for me to see
The candle that lights us on All Hallows Eve

A red leaf bobs on a tree
Red little apples waiting for me
Gently they fall into the basket next to me
The basket brings together this family

A yellow wick flickers in the night
Yellow candles standing bright
Shining over evening meal with their light
Thanksgiving night

A last tint of green is there
Before the shade is no longer aware
Green will fade, wither and ware
And the return with the spring air

A brown leaf tells that fall is here
As it fall for a natural year
Fall is here!
Fall is here!


AN: Based on some other stories...... that I've lost. Grrrr. But guess
what. It is fall