Take this shell
It comes from me
Isn't it a beauty?
When one works so hard to form
A simple shell to be born
You can where it around your neck
Or maybe as a ring
But wait!
This shell is not just a pretty little thing
It's also a home
For the sea loving creature
That lives within
It's so tiny
Yet it lives on its' own
It walks in the palm of your hand
It lives in it sea-faring home
This shell is its home
That comes from the sea
It is not one with you
And belongs to me
No, this creature is young
Let it stay and live in the sea
Do not take it away from me
The sea


AN: I LOVE the sea. All its splendor. And I love to snorkel. So I can see
it w/ my own eyes. Can't ya tell? I don't know why/when I wrote this. But
oh, well. It's still good.