Brent, Dawn, and a few others from the rodeo played in the pool for a few hours before deciding to go upstairs and change. A dark-haired cowboy named Cody asked Dawn if she'd like to go to a movie with him. She smiled and agreed, inviting Brent along too. He agreed, hoping it wouldn't be too awkward. Cody didn't seem to mind that he was going.

Dawn went to her room and changed into a pair of black Wranglers and a dark blue plaid shirt. As usual, she wore her black cowboy boots.

The pair was spread out on the bed, watching TV and laughing when Cody came. Brent felt really awkward now.
Dawn and Cody climbed into his big black truck and headed downtown to a movie theatre, talking and laughing. They had known each other since they were teenagers, and were remembering when they had ridden together in the small town that she had called home. He lived about 30 miles away, and they had gone to different schools, but had emailed and talked on the phone constantly. They had even dated for a few months, before deciding it was too awkward. They preferred being friends.

"You know, I used to have the biggest crush on you," Dawn laughed, her eyes sparkling. They were a deep blue, matching her shirt today. Though naturally green, they tended to change color.

"I know. I'll never forget the year you and Lacy followed me around like lost puppies at State. But I liked Kendra."

"Yes, I remember. And you followed her around like a lost puppy, if I remember correctly."

"Yeah, I guess I did. But then I got smart and stopped crushing on her, and started liking you," Cody said, taking her hand.

"And we went out, but it didn't work."

Brent breathed a sigh of relief. They were just friends! Dawn gave him a funny look, but turned back to her conversation. Cody looked at Brent in the rearview mirror and grinned.

"So," Cody said mischievously, "I see you've found yourself another boyfriend."

Dawn blushed and Brent became very interested in his lap as Cody laughed.

"Shut up! We're.just friends, that's all," Dawn said, her cheeks a lovely shade of strawberry. Brent nodded in agreement.

Thankfully, they were saved further teasing and embarrassment by Cody pulling up to the movie theatre. He parked his rig and they got out and went into the theatre.

Cody winked at Brent, letting him sit next to Dawn and taking a seat on the other side. The theatre darkened and the blonde boy noticed the girl's hand lying innocently on the seat. She was just begging him to hold her hand. His hand strayed to his knee, then to touch her fingers, then to lace his fingers through hers. She gave a little start, then relaxed and smiled shyly at him. He grinned lopsidedly back. She liked him!