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"So, Sam.  What do you think?  Like the place?" a female voice asked from ahead of me.

 I looked around at the campus before me.  This had become a typical thing by now.  I had just recently moved here from my old college, in search of something new.  Well, now that I had been kicked out of there.  I'll just say that someone called me a name I hate and I beat them senseless.  It was this girl I hated.  My rival, Megara.  She was such the little hypocrite.  I mean, she slammed me for the ground for being bi; yet she went and made out with this hooker chick in the back of the college behind the bushes. 

Everyone says she's a lesbian; but she denies it and says she likes guys.  Right.  But that's okay.  I was far away from that broad now.  I had gotten thrown out of three schools now due to fighting.  But, what could I say?  I was a butch.  I bet you're wondering if I'm also gay myself.  Well, I'm actually half gay.  So, that makes me bisexual if you want to throw labels on here. 

My jet black hair flows to my lower back, as my eyes are a shade of reddish-violet.  Lots of people often tell me that I bear a striking resemblance to Sailor Mars.  Myself?  Eh.  I'm just me.  I guess.  I don't know if you'd call me gothic- though I do love wearing black clothing. My parents used to think I was some depressed drug addict or something.  I laughed at them.  They were so stupid.  I mean, I wore black, yes- but I was far from depressed.  I was just a little tomboy.  I usually was the one to get into fights with homophobes, just because they pissed me off. 

My ex girlfriend, however, was a total depressed punk wannabe.  She did it all- the funky hair colors, the spike jewelry.  Everything that was punk- she had on her body.  We had broken up a few months ago over she dumping me for another, more "sweeter" girl as she told me.  Hey, I'm sweet.  Well, sometimes anyway.  I was nice until you got me angry.  But most people misjudged me because of what I looked like.  It's not that I was ugly- but I was just different. 

My clothing and my black eyeliner and nail polish were the things they noticed most.  I looked back up at the woman in front of me, "Yes.  It's very nice, Chris.  I like it a lot," I responded, eventhough I wanted to disagree a bit.  I mean, it's just another school.  What could possibly be here that I'd enjoy?  Writing classes, yes.  But besides that- nothing.  Chris was the dean of students.  Well, the girls actually.  She was helping me with my first time at the school.

"I hope you find it better than you did your last school, Sam," she continued.

"Yeah.  That makes two of us," I agreed.  Chris smiled, "Well, it's almost time for lunch.  I'll leave you to check things out a bit before getting you started in your first class.  Now, you can go off campus to eat, but you have to be back in an hour.  Or, you can have lunch here.  Your choice," she explained.

"Okay, thanks," I concluded.

"My pleasure.  Meet me back in my office at one.  We'll discuss the rest of the day," Chris went on.

"Yes.  I will, thanks," I finished as Chris waved and walked back inside.  I sighed, sitting down on a rock.  Man, an hour to kill.  I'm not hungry in the least, so I think I'll kill some time scoping the place out.  I stood up as I started walking along the front lawn.  Not bad.  I mean, this was fancy compared to the last school I went to.  I kept walking until I saw something in the corner of my eye.  What's that?  I walked closer, noticing that a babbling brook sat before me.  Well, this is kind of nice.  I turned to my right as I felt a mental gasp escape me. 

There before me, was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  She sat upon a light blue blanket as her white, sleeveless dress flowed down to her ankles; hugging her smooth curves.  She was absolutely gorgeous.  Her silver hair flowed like a waterfall a few inches past her lower back as her deep, ice blue eyes were fixed on the stream before her.  I couldn't resist staring. 

She was perfect.  I was afraid to touch her because I was afraid I might break her.  That's how delicate she appeared to be.  I stood in awe, at the majestic creature before me.  She couldn't be of this world.  I mean, she had to have come from heaven; or at least the stars.  That's it- I have to do something.

I took my black duffle bag as I found my purple pen and blue notebook.  I snuck back behind the ivy vines; not wanting to be seen as I flipped to a fresh page.  I glanced over at the silver-haired angel as I began to write:

I stand before you- my heart pounding with sheer awe

For such a creature couldn't have come from our world

But that of the angels above

I watch you there, sitting so graceful, yet so full of life

As you delicately brush your sparkling silver hair back

Each lock gently flowing out into the wind

Almost as if the two were entwined in a mystic dance

As I can't help but admire you from afar

Which star did you fall down from?

Which angel sent you here?

It's almost like you're from a dream

But you seem so real to me

Tell me, my sweet angel

Will I get to see you again?

When you walk along your road of life

Will you remember me?

Will I be the one to open up your heart?

And set your spirit free?

I set the pen down.  Ok, so that didn't really rhyme; but who cares?  I mean, who said poems had to rhyme anyway?  Whoever did is a moron.  I wrote what I had to, so I was happy.  I closed the notebook as I stuffed it back in my bag, along with the pen as I zipped it up.  Oh, shit.  I think she saw me.  I don't want to make her think I'm a stalker or something. 

Standing up, I threw my bag over my shoulder as I made a mad dash for the campus.  Great it's 12:56!  I'd better hurry up.  Before taking off into the building, I took one last look at the brook.  Hey, where did she go?  Maybe it was all a dream.  Oh well.  Must hurry and stop thinking about her.  God, Sam.  This isn't like you!  Snap out of it! 

I made a dash for the hallway as I rounded the corner into Chris's office, collapsing onto one of the chairs.  The secretary that sat outside gave me a confused expression as I panted, trying to catch what was left of my breath.  I need water.  I stood up, setting my bag on the chair as I walked over to the bubbler and filled a tiny cup full of water as I gulped it down.  Ahh.  That felt good. 

I grabbed one more as I noticed Chris walk out of her door with a smile, "Oh, hey, Sam.  Glad you could make it back in time," she greeted.  Whew.  At least she didn't know about me being late.  Thank god for whatever she was doing in there.  She called me inside as I picked up my bag and followed; sitting down upon one of the cushy chairs as Chris took a seat at her desk.

"Hope you had a good lunch, Sam.  And I am glad you returned," she began.

"Yeah.  I didn't eat.  I wasn't hungry.  I walked around the campus a bit to check things out," I answered.

"I understand.  What did you think of CLU?" Chris questioned.  In case you're wondering what that means, it stands for Crystal Lake University- the name of the school. 

I strummed my fingers along my baggy, black jeans, "I like it so far.  It's really gorgeous," I responded.  Of course, I was talking about the girl I had seen; but hey, she wouldn't know that, right?

"I'm glad.  I think you'll fit in well here.  Now, you'll be starting a total of three classes today.  They're each ninety minutes long, and will go until 5:30pm today.  This is your only late night.  The rest will let out at two every day while you're here.  It's just on Tuesday that they'll be extended because of your English Lit. Course.  Now, you'll start with that one, then comes Creative Writing, and finally, English I.  Any questions?" she stated.  I shook my head.

"All right.  Now, I know you'll probably need someone to help guide you around the place until you become more familiar with your surroundings.  And I've talked to a student and they agreed to help out," Chris continued on. 

I nodded.  Oh, great.  Probably some nerd just looking to get in extra points with the dean.  This will be fun.  Ha ha, not!  I turned towards Chris again as she picked up the phone and hit a button

"Karen?  It's Chris.  Go on and send Lillith in," she intervened.  I chuckled.  Lillith?  What kind of a name was that?  It was like a cheap spoof of Lillian or something. I bet this girl's a total geek.  The doorknob turned as a figure walked in. 

If I had had some salt and pepper, I probably would have put my foot in my mouth right then.  Because the young woman that stood before me- was my angel from the brook.  Her eyes widened as she did a double take, noticing me.  I hope she really didn't see me there earlier.  Man, I would totally feel stupid. 

She shook off her look of shock as she smiled warmly at me, walking up and sitting down in the chair beside me.  I returned it, not knowing what to do.  I couldn't believe it.  That was Lillith?  I mean, I wasn't disappointed; glory no.  I was just amazed.  How ironic the world sometimes was.

"Lillith, thank-you for coming.  This is the young woman I was telling you about-" Chris began, turning towards me.  My face went hot.  I mean, here I am- sitting next to a beautiful girl- who doesn't even know I'm bi!  I'd so love to haul off and kiss her pale, luscious pink lips- but I hesitated.  Slow down, tiger!  You barely- no, you don't know the chick at all!  I mean, what?  Two minutes you've known she's existed?  Get a grip, Sam!  Honestly! 

"Hello," I whispered, looking down at my hands.  I was so nervous.  It was almost as if I wasn't worthy of looking into this fair maiden's eyes.  Or so I felt anyway.  I mean, *look* at her!  The lady smiled, her eyes diverting to my own focused on the polished oak texture of Chris's desk.

"Lillith Caple, meet Samantha-"

"Sam," I blurted out.  I hated being called Samantha.  I always hated my full name.  Ever since I can remember, I've always used Sam.  It's not that I wanted to be a guy or anything- I just preferred it.  It must have been the tomboy-butch in me.

"Sam Larsen," Chris concluded. 

"Uh, hi," I managed to get out. 

Lillith smiled invitingly, "So, you're Sam?" she finally spoke.  Hot damn, she's even more perfect than I thought!  Her voice was soft and smooth; soothing almost.  I'd love for her to talk to me for hours.  Just to hear that sweet melody. 

I looked back over at her, "Y-yes.  I am," I responded nervously.  Yeah, nice move, Juliet!  That's the way to catch the women!  Good glory, I was such a dork.    Lillith giggled pleasantly.  Aw, man.  Now she's laughing at me.  Well, I can't say I don't blame her.  I mean, if the roles were reversed, I would laugh at myself too. 

She held out a hand to me as I shook it lightly, not wanting to hurt her.  After all, she was so soft and delicate.  Almost like a pale flower.  We broke away, eventhough her gentle touch sent warm surges and sensations into my body that I had never felt before, but had longed to have forever as a third smile found it's way across her lips, "My name's Lillith.  It's very nice to meet you, Sam."

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