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This was my dream.  I mean, five years we had been married, and Lily and I were still going strong.  It amazed me.  I had never thought in a million years that I would ever get married and be this happy.  I was in heaven.

I now worked as a writer, and had published my first book not too long ago.  I guess people liked it, because it was the bestseller of the season.  That made me happy.  I never thought anyone besides Lily would want to read my work.

Speaking of Lily, she went in a bit of a different direction.  Sure, she still writes- but not her own books like me now, but for a fashion magazine instead.  She's one of the reporters that goes on site and interviews different creators of unique trends and writes up a report on them to get published in the latest articles of 'Cosmopolitan' magazine. 

She's doing pretty well with that and loves her job.  I'm happy for her.  She's a lot better there than where she used to work.  I'm proud of her as well.  What am I saying?  I always have been.

Senna and Krystal got engaged not long after Lily and my wedding.  I'll never forget that day.  Senna wasn't expecting it at all.  The four of us had gone on a speedboat ride out onto the lake to celebrate Lily and I being married finally. 

Krystal took Senna's hands and flat out asked her to be her wife- when again presenting her with a white gold, diamond ring.  It was so sweet.  They were married by the ocean a year later.

I remember Lily and my wedding.  We were wed right by the lake as Senna and Krystal were asked to be our maids of honor.  Of course, they accepted.  We exchanged vows, as we became wives right as the sun set over the horizon.  And of course, we were Senna and Krystal's maids of honor.  We had to repay the favor after all.

I was still, as Lily would say, a "Buttercup," but I had actually, to my own surprise, calmed down a bit.  I still had that spark about me, but I learned to control it a little.  I guess being around Lily helps- as she is so patient and such with me.

Krystal still owned and ran 'Surfside Boutique,' with Senna as her Assistant Manager.  The two found their own place in PineCrest, which is only about an hour or so away. 

Yep- as you guessed it- Lily and me decided to sell both apartments in Crystal Lake and get our own place in Friendship- right on what they called, Lake Powell.  The ocean was an hour away- in fact, across the street from where Senna and Krystal live.  So in the end, it all worked out.

Recently, we have been discussing children.  We don't want to adopt- but have a child of our own.  Though, right now it isn't possible- but we are waiting for that one time.  And we decided that we would adopt anyway, if by the time we're truly ready- technology hasn't been advanced enough to do that.  We knew what we were doing.

As for Megara- Jack did as he stated and hooked her up with a one-way ticket to death row.  Last I checked- she had been put to death a few months ago finally.  Not by lethal injection- but by one of her cellmates beating her to death. 

Guess Meg tried to fight her and lost.  That'll teach her.  We had a good laugh out of that one.  Not to be jerks or anything- but after what she tried to do to us- it was nice to see her get paid back.

But throughout this journey- I learned so much.  I learned that- nothing can ever beat the power of love.  That if- two people want to truly be together- they can be against all odds. 

It doesn't matter if you're straight, gay, or bi- what matters is this:  life is too short, and if you worry about what people will think- you will miss out on so much.  So take it from a girl that knows what she's saying- once you find that special love- hold on, and never let it go.

You can beat any storm- any challenge, anything- so long as you beat it- together.

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…"Eagle's calling, and he's calling your name…tides are turning, rain and winds have changed…why do I feel this way?  The promise of a new day…"

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