(For English P.3)

Quote (Like Water for Chocolate): Mama Elena says: "You don't have an opinionÉ not a single person in my family has ever questioned this tradition, and no daughter of mine is going to start." Respond to the quote.

This was my response to the quote that was originally aimed at Tita, the youngest daughter of Mama Elena who didn't want to stay home taking care of her mother when she wanted to marry her lover, Pedro.

Opinions in general are widely viewed as a means to calm the discontent of the masses. I say this because the government really only wants to control everyone, and by allowing the general public the chance to voice this 'opinion' of theirs the government is able to direct their responses. Once can never truly understand or begin to wonder what they are actually doing in their closed buildings and restricted military sites.

One can only dream. Which, when voiced, is an opinion and thus controlled because of the information available to you, the public. Now take for example protestors, they are what the people, as a whole would like to do or thinks. They are the ones who actually ARE voicing an opinion that started as a dream, a simple thought.

When people get to say those thoughts it calms them to a state where what they say and do is actually taken into considerationÉ or so they think. This in itself is what an opinion does, calms down the public enough for the government to take charge and either redirect or continue the flow of public thought.

In effect, opinions are useless and must be thought of as such, unless of course you are a protestor, then in all cases, by all means, go on ahead and talk and believe what others WANT you to believe. You useless tool you.