Doesn't everyone wish to go to Neverland? To never have to grow up and deal with the responsibilities and hurt of adulthood. To never go through all the pain and humiliation that teenagers today endure? Peter Pan was a hero to all who wished to remain innocent and pure. With his cocky grin and vibrant personality, he could take you to Neverland where none of the harsh reality touches you.

Tonight was one of those boring nights. You know, the ones when you have no homework, but no friends can hang out because it's a school night? Yea those nights. I hate these nights. These are the nights that my mom loves to taunt me and tease me about my dreams. And it gets to me after while.

Since tonight was one of those nights, I went to the movie cabinet and glanced at our pathetic collection of movies. Most of them were taped over and had lost the ability to be watched a decade ago. So I looked at some of the Disney movies that I haven't watched in awhile and my eyes fell on Peter Pan.

Watching the movie for the first time in years awakened a sense in me that I didn't know before. As I watched, I realized Wendy was like me in so many ways. Never wanting to grow up, but being forced to give up her dreams and wild fantasies. No longer being a child, but a young adult, being thrown into the world of destruction and human evil. I watched then, as Wendy became to know responsibility and duty to her brothers and the Lose Boys. It made me feel like a child again, but not it a pleasing way. It made me feel, lower that I, a real life person couldn't handle being adult, but yet wanted to be treated like one.

I understand that we all have to grow up sometimes, and that its not always fun. But what about growing up and keeping your dreams with you and applying them to your life? Wouldn't that make this world a better place? The dreams of children wanting to make it better would do it if everyone did it and believed.

The world is filled with so many wicked things nowadays; it's hard to find any good in it. Murders, drugs, and disease, seem to rule our world but they don't. Not if we all keep dreaming of the far off place of Neverland. Because if the children of today keep dreaming of a world where no one has to grow old and live lives that are dishonest and full of sin, then maybe there's hope of seeing the hero that is Peter Pan with a golden flying ship to Neverland.