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The red haired young woman ran as fast as she could.  She knew if she were caught, she was as good as dead.  She knew that her cellmate friends wouldn't rat her out; but she was still wary of the others.  She had planned this all since day one.  Since that time she was drug in cuffed and put in that awful orange prison suit.   

She heard sirens blare around her as the flashing lights seemed to swirl like dancing ghosts around her as she sought to escape that awful place.  She reached the outdoors; breathing in the fresh, spring air as she ducked behind a tree, sure that she was far away from danger. 

Leaning against it, she let herself collapse onto the ground, trying to catch her breath as she reached in to the stream before her and splashed some cool water upon her face.  Shaking some out of her long, ruby red hair, she took out her yellow scrunchie and tied it back into a ponytail. 

Reaching down, she unbuttoned her orange suit as she took it off, revealing a pair of light blue jeans, and a white tank top shirt.  She took one last look at the orange suit that had confined her for so long, and tossed it into the stream.  As the drifting water washed it down the canal, the lady felt the sensation of freedom wash over her. 

Knowing that it might take a while before she was in the clear, she decided to crash here for the night and leave early in the morning; way before the prison guards or anything checked for her. 

Feeling herself shiver slightly, she brought her arms to her chest as she shifted into the reclining position as she leaned up against the brown bark of the tree, closing her eyes as the sounds of the night surrounded her.  She knew she probably wouldn't get a good night's sleep, but figured she should make an attempt anyway.  Around midnight, the power of sleep took her over, sending her into a dreamless oblivion.

She awakened and immediately headed out.  Luckily, the sun hadn't risen, so she still had some time before being totally submerged in daylight.  Packing up what little things she had, she snuck out of her hiding place and went to meet her gang.  She was sure that they had held things down and were waiting for her. 

Checking to make sure the place was totally clear, she headed out back to what was her place.  She had heard that her old roommate, Marissa had left and moved someplace by a lake.  That

didn't bug her, but what did bug her was the sight of a moving van, her stuff on the sidewalk curb, and the mover guys moving someone else's stuff.  She looked closer as it clicked.  Ronnie?  Ronnie and Chaitra?  Had she been- dethroned?  I mean, she knew it had been a few years since she had been gone, but never had she expected this! 

She stared in disbelief as she felt hot tears trickle down her face.  She was stuck.  Without her gang and popularity, what was she?  Looking towards the mirror before her, laying upwards against one of the boxes, she stared at her reflection.  What was she now?  What would she do?  Letting out a sigh of anger, she hauled off and smashed the glass with her fist.  Feeling tears engulf her, she stared down onto the ground, sobbing for the one she once was, and never will be again.  Drying her face, she looked up as anger and determination filled her eyes.  It was then she decided.

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