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One fine morning, Hilary Duff walks into the studio...this takes place a while back, however, because Hilary's career is going down the drain, finally, but anyway...let's get back to the story...

So, she walks in and Adam is in his chair...gazing off into space then Hilary comes up behind him and lays the smackdown on him...right in the noggin.

"Hey! Like, look at me! I'm like, smacking you right in the noggin and you're not even looking! Like, what are you doing? Gosh...well you probably didn't realize because of your like, girly fro...Adam..."

Adam is just sitting there, stupidly, and mumbling to himself. Then his mumbling crescendos...and then it gets really loud and then he does a Harry Potter thing where he falls on the ground.

"Hilary...Like, come back to me! I'm not that way! I'm not that way! NOO! Like, I love girls...Like, I LOVE YOU!!!"

Hilary stands there, in a stupid stereotyped position of a young teenager with a stupid stereotyped young teenage look on her face and says the most stereotyped thing EVER.

"Like, Uh!"

And walks off.


Later that day, after shooting a scene, they go backstage and eat otter crap.

A/N You have to read Licorice Haters to understand that one. ;)

While Adam is stuffing his face with the very economic food, Hilary comes up and CONFRONTS HIM in a stereotypical teenage way.

"What was with like, you today? You were like...totally like...staring off into space and dreaming. Uh! Like, what were you doing?"

"I like, dunno."

"You are so like, STUPID! Like, Gahh!"

This is thy knowledgeable, Edgar Allen Poe. Thy interjection 'Gahh' is a cryeth of frustration...I believe one timeth, on a Bold and the Beautiful episodeth, whicheth I don't usually watcheth but thy buddies were watching it, a man yelled "Gahh!" because hiseth girlfriend marched right out of thy doorway. Now...we will say "Gahh!" On thy counteth of three...One...two...

HELLO! This is like... Hilary Duff story! Now thy Mr. Poeth like...get out of my story because this is not like...a Mr. Poeth story! Like, Disney made me funny. I am like, SO taking you out!

That's why Mr. Poe is now deceased.

Now for the remainder of this story.

Later, on the set, the character of Ethan says, in a monotone and meaningless voice, "Oh Lizzie. You are so hot. I love you."

The director is so upset with the character of Ethan because not many people know his real name. "Cut, cut! Character of Ethan! You are an actor! ACT! I WANT EMOTION! You say, 'Lizzie, you are so hot...AND I LOVE YOU! That is EXACTLY what I want it to be like...EXACTLY!"

Then, the character of Ethan can't take it any longer, "I, Character of Ethan, CANNOT take this lying anymore! It is against my religion! Lizzie, or Hilary, is BUTT UGLY and I cannot...I repeat...CANNOT lie any more! This lying must stop...I'm sorry Mr. Director, but Character of Ethan resigns..."

Then he walks out of the room, leaving Hilary and Adam on the set.

"Like, what do we do now?" Hilary asks.

"Well, for now Adam will be filling in for Character of Ethan, what's his name?"

"We like, don't know."

"Alright then, well...give it a shot Adam."

"Okay then, like...here we go..."

"Lights, camera, ACTION!"

Adam, Character of Gordo, gets very shaky and can't hold back any longer...and is acting even more feminine than usual. In a high pitched voice he squeaked, but then he bellowed.

"Uhh...Lizzie...you are like...the hottest thing I have ever seen," then he, miraculously, slaps his buttocks. "WHOO HOO! I'll shake your bouncy booty!" Then Adam grabs her and hangs her in a low dip, then kisses her, long and good.

"Brilliant!" The director yelled, "Absolutely brilliant! Let's do that again...shall we? But Adam, no kisses or smacked butts this time, all right? THIS IS A DISNEY SERIES PEOPLE!"

"Who cares?"

"Who said that?"

"It's the Character of Miranda. Whose name nobody knows either."


"No one even knows actual names, besides Adam and Hilary's names. IT'S SO NOT FAIR!" Character of Miranda says, being the only sane one and not saying 'like' five times in a sentence.

"Well...duh! You can only have the main character being advertised! And everyone knows Adam's name because he's her supposed boyfriend! That's how it all works!" the director explained.

"Enough is enough...let's all throw otter crap at him!"

Then the cast gets up and starts throwing otter crap at each other.

"YOU'RE ALL FIRED!" the director yelled right before he left.

"What do we do now?" the cast wondered.

"Let's like...eat cheese!"


And that's how the Lizzie McGuire show fell off a cliff. Not really...but sure...what says it's not?