Orb Quest

Chapter 1: The First Vision

"Give me the orb!" commanded a man in a flowing dark cape; it rippled in the pouring rain.

"Not on your life!" threatened another.

"It is no use resisting," yelled the first while maintaining his balance in the roaring wind, "I shall have it one way or another. You only have your life to spare. I shall save you, and the pitiful human race if you just give me the orb."

"You would save no one with that absolute power. I am not as foolish as the staff's guardian. You are not the rightful heir."

"Then you must die," said the first, a flame flickering in his eyes. He held out his oaken staff, and began an incantation:

Hosne yama á meno ka

Hosne ble da áz pok

The second man's head raced. This was the death incantation, he knew it well, but never used it. He searched his surroundings for escape. An outcropping of land hung over the sea, where a storm was brewing. The jagged rocks looked uninviting, but if he survived.

Ste mi ka da le ded sa bón

Ste mi ka, ste!

He jumped in the nick of time. The bolt of energy erupted from the tip of the enemy's staff as he lunged.

Down he fell, muttering his own spell. The rocks loomed nearer as he spat out the words, jumbling them in his anxiousness. Suddenly a burst of wind knocked his eastward into the sea, making an insignificant splash compared to the rising waves. He had succeeded.

The orb-seeker looked upon the scene with amusement. His foe appeared dead. He let out a long cackle that was heard miles away. The storm would subside, and then the orb would be easy to find. He would have his treasure, his absolute power.

Hundreds of miles away in Tyrs Baggot, a young boy, Àlende sat upright in his sleep, sweating heavily. For a moment he could do nothing besides breathe, but once his heart rate had calmed, he left his room to find his parents.

"It's happening," he said to their weary faces, "the dark lord has returned." He thought they would look shocked at the news, or even scared, but they showed no expression next to sleepiness.

"Do not prophesize on the prophecies my son," his father spoke, "you are not a Dream Seeker."

"Then I will find one. Three times I have seen these dreams, they must mean something," he snapped rashly.

"No you won't," objected his mother, "there are none left except on Dorin's isle, and you aren't going there!"

Àlende stormed out of the room infuriated that his parents wouldn't give him some support in his decision. He decided as he tried to sleep again that night, that it didn't matter what they said, he would find a dream seeker, even if it meant going to Dorin's Isle, the home of Emerson and his dark minions.

"Do you think we should tell him?" his father asked after he had left.

"No," his mother objected again, "we aren't even certain that it's true."

Àlende woke up early the next morning, around four o' clock. He wrote his parents a quick note, and packed some clothes and a small amount of food in a bag they had bought him from across the street. He slung it over his back, and left the note on the table before exiting the house quietly.

As he stepped out on to their porch, he didn't really feel much confidence in his decision. In fact, had it not been for him tripping over his foot on the steps, and rolling into someone, he might have turned around and gone back to bed.

He braced himself to stand up with his skinned hands, and slowly raised himself. His nose was trickling blood, and the stranger handed him a tissue.

"Th.thanks," he sputtered, wiping his nose, "and I'm sorry."

"No problem," a feminine voice spoke, "you did more damage to yourself than me." Àlende did notice that she didn't seem to be too scratched, but a long scar ran down her right cheek.

"I didn't give you that, did I?" Àlende asked shocked.

"No, no," she answered, "I've had that for a long time." She put her hand over it, and a glow spread from her fingertips. When she removed her hand, the scar had shrunk down to a size to where it was barely visible. She continued once she had worked her magic, "now what would a young boy like you be doing up so early on a Saturday morning. Shouldn't you be sleeping in?"

"That's none of your business," he shot.

"Fine then," she muttered, walking away, "I was sort of in need of a companion too."

"Well...then.I, I.I'm coming with you!" he stuttered loudly, racing after her.

"Good," she replied, "that makes two of us."

A/nn: I know it's kind of short, but I'm just starting on it, so I may add some when I have the time if the next chapter seems too long. For those of you who have read the other story that corresponds with this, I hope you aren't too confused. This isn't the sequel, just a second part. They could be read in either order. The next chapter for SFTS should be up soon; I was just having a writer's block. Oh, and one more thing; I know that the running away thing is sort of boring by now, but I tried writing it where Álende gets permission from his parents, but that turned out kind of fruity. Also the titles do have correspondence, but whether or not this chapter is the first vision or not doesn't matter. Thanks for reviewing =)