0 Days Full Moon

Jessica seemed to really be enjoying the whole camping experience. I decided to try and enjoy it too, since I'd probably be spending every full moon for the rest of my life at campgrounds.
We went on a hike. It reminded me of my days on a high school cross- country team when we'd run on trails to get used to running through hilly areas. It was a trip down memory lane, but not that much fun. I ended up being devoured by mosquitoes.
Next, Jessica made some ham and beans using the pans she'd bought. All she had to do was open a can, it didn't involve any real cooking, but it still tasted all right.
Finally, Jessica decided to go off into the woods to collect some flowers to dry.
While she was off alone, I took a moment to stretch out and just relax. I smelled something to my side. I looked, and saw a raccoon a few feet away, pawing through our empty cans.
I leapt to my feet, and the raccoon dropped the can and took off running. While under normal circumstances I would have sat down again, there must have been some wolfish instincts already taking over me, because I ran after it.
Of course, the raccoon got away. I was still only human, and could never catch up with any wild animal faster than a snail. However, once I was in the woods alone, I could smell the scent of every bird, squirrel, and other wild animal there. Yes, I was definitely having wolf senses.
Later that evening, I returned to the campgrounds breathing hard. Jessica looked at me oddly, but didn't ask any questions.
"I was thinking we could tell ghost stories," Jessica said. "Of course, after dark you're going to be running around as a wolf and everything, so it won't be as scary telling them during the day, but I thought it would be fun."
"Alright," I said, sitting beside her. "You start."
Of course, the stories that would normally be scary to two girls alone in the woods at night were actually kind of silly while the sun was still up, but we still had fun, just as Jessica predicted.
When the sun was almost down, I left. I didn't want Jessica to see me when I changed.
Alone in the woods, I took my clothes off so they wouldn't rip when I changed. I felt distinctly uncomfortable, but I knew I'd only be human for a few more minutes.
When the sun had set and the moon filled the sky, the changes began. My legs collapsed underneath me and my whole body contorted to turn itself into a wolf. Just when I thought I couldn't stand the changes a moment longer, they were over, and I was a wolf.
The woods from the point of view of a wolf were very similar to the woods of my dreams. The full moon was huge, and seemed to fill the sky.
I heard a howl, and in front of me was the wolf. She was identical to me, other than the eyes. I wasn't surprised to see her at all.
She began to run the other direction, and I followed her. I ran with the wolf for miles. I didn't get tired, and time seemed to stand still.
A moment later, the wolf was no longer beside me. She was directly in front of me, and her eyes seemed to be looking into my soul. I shivered a little at the way she was staring at me, and also because this was so similar to my dreams.
The wolf suddenly howled, and for the first time I noticed that a white wolf with blue eyes was standing beside me. I knew it was Isaac.
Wolves don't speak with words in the same way people do. They do, however communicate in the way they move and act. Isaac was asking me to run with him.
In the language of wolves, I answered him, yes.

The End Or is it only the beginning?