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Pacing around the prison yard, I turned towards my cellmate as I smiled- signaling for him to begin. He nodded as he turned towards the group of guys to his left and the brawl began.

I had planned this all out. I'd be out of jail in a half hour. Then I could get my revenge on those two broads that got me locked up in the first place.

I saw the group of guys come after me as one held a fake knife, grabbing me by the collar.

"Sorry, Randy, but I'm afraid there was a slight glitch in our plans-" he started before raising the knife at me.

I noticed the sunlight cast a shine upon the blade. Oh, shit. That wasn't fake. That was a real knife!

"Silver, I- don't do this. Remember our plan. Don't do this," I tried to remind him.

Not to mention, I thought this guy was my friend. I was in shock.

"Fuck the plan! You betrayed me, Randy! I kissed you that night and you never returned it to me! And you said you'd give me a chance," Silver intervened.

"I did give you a chance, you just didn't take it! Silver, please. I'm begging you," I pleaded.

I was scarred now. This guy was known to be a bit edgy. I mean, being locked up for killing your boyfriend kind of tells you something.

"Shut up! You've broken your last heart! You'll never betray me again!" he concluded as I felt the knife rip across my throat.

I tried screaming from the pain, but couldn't get anything out. I felt myself hit the ground as I looked up at the man that had stabbed me whose deep, midnight blue eyes were laced with shock. I guess he didn't believe what he did.

I heard warning shots as the paramedics rushed over to my side. I was starting to feel a bit dizzy by now. I could barely make out the words of the medical guys. Something about 'not much time', and 'severe.'

The cops came and dragged Silver off, as the paramedics lifted me onto a stretcher. Before I slipped into total unconsciousness, I swore I noticed him look back at me and smile.

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