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Dear Amara,

Wow.  These past six months have seemed like a dream.  I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping in touch, but things have been so busy around here.  So, how are you?  I hope all is well.  How are you and Tristan?  It must be, what?  Almost nine years by now?  I still can't believe it myself.  Two months already.  :sighs: I still feel like someone's gonna pinch me and I'll wake up from this dream.

I'm sorry you couldn't have come to our wedding.  You missed a great day.  Randy was so sweet.  He wrote me the most beautiful vows I had ever heard.  I swear, I lost it right then.  I wrote him a poem myself, but still- nothing in my opinion could ever top what he wrote to me.  It was beautiful.

And yep, I did take your advice and got married right by the water.  The beach, actually, where we had been on our first date.  I have to admit, Randy looked hot in that black tuxedo he wore.  Of course, he's hot anyway- soo.  :blushes three shades of red:

Can you believe it?  I'm actually married!  Me!  And to my dream guy.  It's all so much to take in.  I mean, sure it's hit me- and I'm so thankful that my love turned out to be him. 

Randy and I sold our apartments!  I know, you're thinking, 'what?  But you loved your apartment!'  I know, I did.  But if he and I are going to be together- forever- we decided to invest in a place of our own.  A beautiful, almost silvery-white chateau by Starlight Lake.  It's gorgeous, Amara.  You should see it.  In fact, why not drop by and visit us?  Both of you.  Write me back and let me know so I can give you our address, ok?

Right now we're on our honeymoon in Bermuda.  It's so gorgeous here.  Sunshine, palm trees, and the feeling of total bliss.  I know they consider this to be paradise- but my own version is the angel that's holding me in his arms as I write this. :content smile:

We're supposed to head back to Cali next week.  Both of us don't want to leave- but we know that honeymoons have to end someday.  But that's all right.  As long as I'm with my love- the honeymoon never ends.

We haven't heard from Silver since that day he and Randy made up.  I think about him a lot, and so does Randy.  I mean, he's so sweet- and he deserves to find a love of his own.  I only hope that when he does- it's as strong and eternal as the one that Randy and myself share.  I can see good in him, and he deserves everything beautiful that life has to give to him.

And as for starting a family?  Well- we're still in decision.  You see, we really don't want to adopt.  Randy and I want our own children.  From our own blood, our own genes.  It's not that we both dislike adoption- of course not- we just want to create our own child out of the love we share.

But technology still hasn't advanced to that level yet- so we await for when it is possible.  Though, I think between us- if that ever were to come- I would want to carry.  I wouldn't want Randy going through that.  But that's in the future- maybe.  If we never have children at all, well- then I guess we just weren't meant to.  We both agree that it isn't top priority.  Just being with each other and living eternity is the most important.

Oh, wow.  Look at how much I've written already!  I bet you're getting bored of me, right? :laughs:  I know, I know, you told me I was never boring.  Anyway, I'd love to talk more, but Randy and I have dinner plans.  I wonder if we'll be taking a walk on the beach?  I sure hope so.  And get of course, my goodnight kiss. :winks: 

Well, it was great talking to you again, best friend, and I'll be sure to respond when you do to my letter.  Let me know about the address thing.  We'd love to have you guys. 

Anyways, I must get going so I'll talk to you later, Amara.  Till then!


~Terran Ales Miller-Spade  3

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…"Ever just the same…Ever a surprise…Ever as before…And ever just as sure…As the sun will rise…Tale as old as time…Tune as old as song…Bittersweet and strange…Finding you can change…Learning you were wrong…Certain as the sun…Rising in the east…Tale as old as time…Song as old as rhyme…Beauty and the beast…Tale as old as time…Song as old as rhyme…Beauty and the beast…"

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