I am the girl of the glass box:

A dummy hung on strings,

Controlled by an invisible force

And jerked to an unnatural beat.

I keep no secrets,

I tell no lies,

I allow all to be seen through the frosted panels.

I am the girl of the glass box,

Whose life is moved

By the wills of those around her.

Little girls with cotton candy laugh

As they run past,

The only give me a second's glance

Before they bounce away.

You watch me, but what you don't realize

Is that I also watch you.

I am the girl of the glass box,

Staring from behind crystal eyes,

I see the patterns you kick up in the leaves

And I know your hearts' delights.

I have learned the spark of feeling in your eyes

And I sense your deepest fears;

And what you fear most is...

Becoming me.

I am the girl of the glass box,

Born into this mirrored imprisonment,

I look out and see a distant world

I will never again touch;

You look in and see a broken body

Whose soul left it long ago,

And who stares back

From behind crystal eyes.