It's my addiction, my drug
At high speed, I feel alive pushing it to the limit
The motor's vibration,
The exhaust's sound,
The relieving of a turbo's pressure,
All heavenly to someone like me
who appreciates what it is
to hit the clutch and drop the hammer
who appreciates the thrill of the chase
and the rush of adrenaline
let me redline as I drop it into second,
spinning my tires as they scream in agony
and visualize their pain with white smoke
let me draft you to the horizon,
hitting my top end speed
let me try to drift like an old school 86
all for the simple reason of getting a fix
burning out into destiny
racing to the unknown
charging into the future
take a gander, I'm only in fourth
one more gear and a whole lot more speed.
Run with me… or change lanes.