It's more than what you think you see

From this dream you'll never break free

Lost among the twisted vines and debris

There's nothing left but to start loathing me

From inside the depths of the crystalline tears

It grows steadily darker as temptation nears

Unlocking the wildest creeps and the fears

Waiting until the ultimate darkness appears

You are the soldier come to save the princess

But pray tell, with hell in sight let me confess

It's pulling you both deeper into this mess

Against your mind and soul it continues press

Foreboding is the light that shines straight through

It will only take you down, but of this you knew

But still, as you are lost without a single clue

There is nothing else for you to do

So step inside my shattered mind for a long while

See how tortured things will start to smile

The aching feet that have walked many a mile

Will force you to create a new kind of bile

Poison soaking to the roots of your veins

You cant feel it know, but soon you'll feel pains

When the hourglass begins to drops it's last grains

Thoughts of hope and light it drains