Enter the portal that leads to my dreams

Afloat in a misty blue feeling

As you undo all of the previous seams

That held everything that was peeling

Step down to the freshly cut green grass

Beware, they can cut you like knives

Dodge the sharp thorns that are made of chipped glass

And the needles that live in the hives

Over the frost bitten mountains we go

Through the white wonderland stained with red

A dove flies over our way very low

Too bad it's missing it's head

We come upon the carnival of my mind

Come, buy a ticket to enter the sea

Games, hatred, and twisted things you'll find

In the depths of the soul I call me

Candied apples in your blood, sugar caked

Ice cream doused in the substance of hate

Side attractions that offer the faked

Prizes given without much debate

Bubble gum clouds fly above the torn ground

Shooting large bubble bombs at the crowd

Instigating the earsplitting sound

That makes the devil himself so proud

Wolves chasing bunnies, hot on it's heel

A sheet of translucent mist appears

While the wolf enjoys his evening meal

The silent annihilation of everyone nears

So enter the portal that leads to my dreams

Float in the misty blue feeling

Come to undo all the previous seams

That once held everything that was peeling