Sunny days
And Winter skies
Lovely rays
Of butterflies
Laughter rings
In mere delight
Robins sing
With all their might
Isn't it grand
Isn't it fine
The way you took my hand
And said you were mine
We could have stayed
We could have been
The light we made
Was not yet dim
So why did you have to go
Rainy days
And midnight skies
Terrible haze
Of deceitful lies
Tears begin
In pure sorrow
We didn't know then
Of that awful tomorrow
Isn't it sad
Isn't it gray
How things became bad
When you went away
You wouldn't listen
You wouldn't speak
As my tears glistened
And I was weak
That's why you had to go
Dark, dark days
And angry skies
Cunning maze
And broken ties
Sprits die
In bitter grief
Evil will fly
In lacked belief
Isn't it fate
Isn't it just
I loved in hate
And you in lust
You were vile
And sick and vain
Whenever you smiled
It always rained
And so you had to go