By:Andrew Troy Keller

There once was a time--
A bloody,detructive time--
In which I,Carson Moore,
Was nothing more
That a piece of humanoid slime.

I've had with me a gun.
I've killed people with that gun.
But then,I've met Marcy Dove,
Who had became my true love,
And the reason why I had thrown away the gun.

For the next week,or so,
We had known a love from long ago.
But suddenly,like something exploding out of a stove pot,
A car had rolled over,and Marcy was shot.
After that,I've realized where to go.

I had gone towards the gun.
I've once again picked up the gun.
I've loaded it,
And placed it inside my jacket pocket,
For I've needed it to avenge my hun.

I was on a mission of vengeance,
With the gun as my instrument of revenge.
Finally,I've found those I've had to face,
And shot each of them in the face--
All out of the sake of vengeance.

Then,with a sudden start,
I've discovered,with a heavy heart,
That I'm going to miss my beloved Marcy Dove,
Whom I will always love
With all of my heart.

And with that,for the love of my hun,
I've taken the gun,
Drove all the way to Denver,
And stopped at a river,
Where I've thrown away the gun.

After that,I was no longer a hood,
And so,I'm moving to a better neighborhood.
For the love of my hun,
I had released myself from the gun.
So,here's to a better life in better neighborhood.