A/N: This is about my friend whose a prep & proud of it even though she's
not popular.. she's a great friend & a great person & I know ppl aren't
gonna like this poem but oh well. I expect lots of nasty comments. oh & its
free verse. I like it that way I'm not gonna make it rhyme or have rhythm!


If your punk you don't care what's cool
You do what you like
Wear what you like
Listen to what you like
And don't care what anyone else thinks

Well now punk is cool
And everyone's a 'poser'
No one is really who they are anymore
You listen to the punk music
Wear the punk clothes
But you're a poser
You all are

But the girl who sits there
In her preppy clothes
Wither her Tori Amos CD
She's not popular
She's kinda nerdy
And smart as hell

But she doesn't care
She doesn't wanna be cool
She doesn't wanna be punk
She doesn't wanna be anything but herself

And that's what makes her
A true punk