I looked up at the moon today

Disturbing this may sound

A man jumped down from the orb

Onto my broken ground

He stared at me for a long while

Like I was something strange

Then he smiled a demonic smile

Nothing but him seemed deranged

I turned and ran as fast as I could

He floated upon my trail

Until he finally tripped me up

The woods echoed with my wail

'Now child, why do you run?

Don't you want to play?

Please entertain me now

Or I will find another way.'

He spoke to me in high pitched voice

He smiled yet another smile

He glared down into my eyes

'Lets play a little while'

Bloodied hooks and crimson needles

Whips and knifes and chains

These were things that he found fun

Things for inflicting ultimate pain

He took me by my eyelids

And hooked them till they tore

My blood escaped onto the ground

The whips sustained the gore

He took the needles to my chest

He sliced and slit my wrists

He hung me upside down by chains

He took the needles to my fists

I cried for him to cease his game

He laughed a chilling laugh

'My child, you are in my hands now'

The hands that ache for large bloodbath

He stooped to get at eye level

His face was inches from my own

The knife scraped along my throat

This pain I can no longer condone

This man has taken things too far

I'll unleash my rage on him

My eyes will turn a pitch dark black

The room around looks grim

He stops himself dead in his tracks

And sets slowly down his knife

My wounds begin to heal with speed

I quickly start to regain my life

He thought he could repress my fear

He thought he could control me

But nothing could ever compare

With the extent of his stupidity

I grabbed him by the neck of his

And ripped it from his spine

Limb from limb I tore him up

No wrath is as bas as mine

As I leave his torture chamber

I grip onto a small knife I took

And threw it up to the bloodied moon

As the earth I stood on violently shook