First of all, I'd like to say;

it's because of you I feel this way.

I learned something on that cool, crisp night

and soon, thereafter, my heart took flight.

Here's how it went, as I recall;

the best summer night of them all.

How you captivated me was true,

with my words, I'll try to captivate you…

We lay there, tickled by the stars,

I pointed out old rusty Mars.

We saw emerald peaks at the edge of our view,

whose auburn towers creaked as the wind blew.

I watched your chest slowly rise and fall,

wondering if your heart could hear mine call.

With the greatest of ease, my hand was clenched in yours,

then suddenly a wave came crashing on my shore.

Brighter than those stars, the moon, or the sun,

just seeing your smile makes me return you one.

I could never find enough of this precious time,

to tell you all the ways in which you've made feel sublime.

To your heart of silver, heart of gold,

I'm finally content after this story has been told.

So, friend or more, it doesn't matter, don't worry.

Just keep smiling, and that's enough for me.