There are joy,

and there is pain.

There are fire,

and there are flames.

There is love,

that comes with tears.

There is hate,

which comes by fear.

We want to live,

in a fantasy.

But with this war,

there's misery.

There is light,

and also dark.

There are things,

that pierce the heart.

When you cry,

are you able to see.

The hopes and dreams,

that you believe.

Or did you see,

what's not meant see.

Did you see,

what it cannot seem.

We cry of joy,

but mostly pain.

Where would point,

to those to blame.

If we got hurt,

that means we'll cry.

That's when our hopes,

will fly.

Hope to be cured,

hope to be well.

Will it come true,

time will tell.

In this world,

we look up high.

We never look low,

only to the sky.

If we ever look down,

we get depressed.

We want to lay down,

we want to rest.

But you need to know,

the down of things.

What will it do,

what will it bring.

The bravest people,

are the ones who check.

If their happy,

or in a wreck.

Are you in joy?

Or maybe pain?

Is there fire?

or are there flames?

Just look down,

just to check.

then heads in clouds,

Are you a wreck?