If Only

If only we had kissed goodnight
If only I didn't start those fights
If only I had held you tight
And told you, you were the only one I like
If only I had made you stay,
But then again, what could I say?
I broke your heart, and you broke mine
The score is even; It's nine to nine.
If only you'd come back and let me speak
Baby, I swear I'll be strong, I won't fall weak.
Just come back to me; give me the last dance
Give our love just one more chance.
If only I had been true
And saved you from all the blue.
That guy meant nothing
It was just a fling
If only I could take it back
And maybe get my life on track
I swear I love you
I wish you knew
But now it's too late
You've moved on to someone new