A/N: I took out the last two lines as suggested by Punky Monkey & I like it
better now but I'm keeping the old one up for comparison


I think of all the scars I've gotten
And they tell the story of my life

The scar on my knee
From when I was careless
And fell down the stairs
At age three

The scar on my chin
From when I was so competitive
And tripped in a race
At age seven

The scar on my elbow
From when I was imaginative
And was trying to fly off a swing
At age nine
The scar on my shoulder
From when I was dangerous
And crashed my bike
At age eleven

The scar on my ankle
From when I was depressed
And cut myself over a break up
At age thirteen

Scar on my wrist
From when I was desperate
And attempted suicide
Age fifteen

But the worst scar of all
Is the constant look of sullenness in my eyes
As a result of all my years
And all the people in my life who hurt me
Including myself