Crushed By Goth-girl 2 No wonder you don't like me

Shallow jerk

How spiteful could you be?

You made me go berserk

I thought you were smart

Funny and keen

Love from the start

Know what I mean?

You had that dark hair

And those chestnut brown eyes

I thought you might care

And never tell me lies

Valentine's Day made me sick

I'd do everything I could

But I'd see the girls you'd pick

Why wasn't I that good?

Good enough to be one of ten

Girls you liked

I didn't know then

You replaced girls like old bikes

A thousand lines rehearsed in my head

I'd be number one

Maybe we'd someday wed

You just seemed like fun

I didn't flirt it's not what I do

I'd talk or joke, if that's the same

Went out of my mind to please you

Why was I so lame?

You had me somehow assured

Even for that time

How could I have been lured?

To believe you were more than slime?

You couldn't like me

Your reputation wouldn't survive

Imagine how your friends would be

They'd eat you alive

Don't tell them we talk

Or that you flirt

Your girlfriend would walk

You treat her like dirt

So, what's the harm?

Tease and give me false hope

You have a girl on each arm

I can't just sit and mope

I don't have to be who you want

You don't like the way I've changed

So, go ahead, start to taunt

My life's been rearranged

I think for myself, dress how I please

I'm not desperate anymore

I can live with much more ease

My life's not such a bore

If I ever feel blue

My life is happy, because

IT DOESN'T include you

Your plan has some flaws

I'm sick of waiting

For you to care

I'm sick of hating

You'd never be there