Pouring Rain

The clouds overhead

Threaten to pour down

On my small depressed soul

No shelter over my head

The thunder roars loud

Running toward the light

Fast fading behind the darkness

The clouds rip open

Tear out their rage

I beg for mercy

But the acid burns

The sky has swallowed the horizon

I am blinded by the night

No where to run

No one to answer my screams

All in hopeless despair

Stumbling through the storm

Tripping on the past

Memories flood back

The weather of your nerves

Buries me deep in the sand

Keeping me down

Struggling to escape

But it sifts into my veins

Choking the life out

But it never ceases

My body disappears

Beneath the mud, the dirt

Never to be seen again

By the eyes of the Earth