Are you preppy, you ask me
You listen Kelly Clarkson and Sugar Ray
You wear stuff from Rave and Claires
You're a cheerleader

Are you punk, you a punk, you ask me
You listen to Atarias and Simple Plan
You wear stud bracelets and belts
You dye you're hair multi-colored

Are you goth, you ask me
You listen to Marylin Manson and Nine Inch Nails
You wear all black clothing and make up
You write dark poetry

Are you emo, you ask me
You listen to Dashboard Confessionals and Weezer
You wear black plastic frames
You cry all the time

Are you nerddy, you ask me
You always listen to what your teacher says
You wear pencils as fashion accessories
You get straight As
No, I reply
I'm not goth, preppy, nerdy, emo or punk
I am who I am
I refused to be labeled as anything but