As the Page Turns  :  Synopsis

Created by Kerry, Liz and Minh while they should have been working.

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Welcome to Memorial Library, one library where the books aren't the most interesting things anymore. 

Step into a world of intrigue and betrayal, of family-feuds and neighborly disputes, of forbidden loves and forgotten pasts.  In the Memorial Library, things are never what they seem, people are never quite who you think they are, and even your own blood can't be trusted.

Get stuck in a world where a brother plots to take down both his father and his sister--using a sister he never knew he had.  Watch as two families duke it out over a murder long in the past, and sit glued to the screen as a wife and the other woman  have their final showdown right in front of you.

Here's your ticket to the only place where even books aren't safe.  Welcome to Memorial Library, and don't forget to watch your back.