Love isn't perfect
Neither is friendship
And hate is ice cold
I don't understand
Trust is broken
Loyalty is false
Passion is too much like lust
And lust too much like sex
Sex is so nauseating
It's so uncoordinated
And imperfect
I have music next
With a bitch
Just what I needed
Why are my cheeks going red?
Everyone better just leave me alone
They'd better fuck off
Spitting is disgusting
I'd say it was unsexy
But that'd contradict what I said about sex
Boys are disgusting too
Stupid boys are
Very Yoda like I think
Someone's moving
Actually most people are
Scurrying around like ants
In the corner of my eye
A schoolyard is a symbol of the world
Pointless, meaningless people
Play pointless meaningless games
And some
Deeper, more intelligent maybe
Or just more in love with the depths of existence
Those people search for meaning
In life
In love
In friendship
And all they find
Is imperfection